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How do I customize my notifications in Less Annoying CRM?

No system is going to be very good at keeping you organized and on track without pushing some information out to you to keep you informed. Less Annoying CRM has a variety of situations in which you will receive email notifications from the system by default. You can find these settings on your Notifications Settings page, and you can unsubscribe from these emails by simply unchecking the boxes on that page.

Here are the customizable situations in which Less Annoying CRM might email you:

  • Daily agenda emails: If you have an event or a to-do on your CRM calendar, we'll send you an email in the early morning so you'll wake up with an agenda in your email inbox in the morning.
  • Event reminders: Your calendar can remind you that you have events coming up via both email and text message.
  • New event: If you have multiple users on your account, you can receive an email anytime someone else adds you to an event, so that you can know about the event even if you aren't constantly checking your calendar.
  • New task: If another user on your account assigns you a task, we'll email to let you know about it.
  • New contact/company: If another user at your company assigns a contact or company to you, you'll receive an email notifying you about the change.
  • Account help: We'll send you occasional emails to make sure you get the most out of LACRM (most of these will come during your first month).
  • Major product updates: Occasionally, the Less Annoying CRM team will release something totally awesome. You can unsubscribe from these email updates if you don't wish to receive them. They're pretty rare, so don't worry about being spammed all the time.
  • Requests for feedback: We're always trying to improve the CRM, and we can't do that without hearing from our customers. About once per year we may email you asking for feedback.

Any of the above emails can be disabled if you'd prefer not to receive them, so feel free to tweak the CRM's settings to make it even Less Annoying based on your preferences!

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