Product Update: New CRM design, including four major new features

We’re excited to announce a brand new design for Less Annoying CRM!
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Our developers and design team have been working hard creating a new and improved version of the CRM. This is our biggest update to the CRM in years and it includes a totally new design along with some fantastic new features. If you haven’t already switched over to the new design, enable it on your account here.

These changes are a mix of new features and an updated aesthetic. The new CRM design is meant to be cleaner, more polished, more intuitive, and easier to use. But similar enough to the old design that we hope the transition is as seamless as possible for users.

In addition to the aesthetic improvements, there are four major, functional improvements to the CRM you’ll receive when you switch over to the new design. (Along with many other smaller improvements!)

Four new features that come with the new design:

Customize your workspace

Check out LACRM’s new, more customizable workspace!

When you switch over to the new design, your workspace will become instantly more customizable. With the new design, you can rearrange your workspace. You’ll have more control over what you see on this space, so it becomes a true home-base for your workday. And if you work on a team, you’ll have more control over whose tasks and pipelines you see on your workspace.

Plus, you’ll get a brand new side-calendar on your workspace so you can always flip through your calendar at a glance on the workspace, without having to navigate to the calendar tab.

Want to learn more? Check out the full announcement on the workspace here.

New “Add” Button

Simply hover over the add button on any page in the CRM to add new records!

With the new CRM design, adding contacts, companies, tasks, events, and pipeline items is easier and more intuitive. Now there is one central menu in the CRM where you can take the most common actions in the CRM. No more hunting around the CRM, trying to remember where you add a task. Now, no matter what page you are on in the CRM, you can add a contact, company, event, task, or pipeline item in just one click.

Want to learn more? Check out our more information on the new add button here.

Better mobile experience

Accomplish what you need with less clicks with the new mobile design! 

The new design offers an improved experience on mobile devices. You’ll be able to do what you need to do in less clicks. Navigating the CRM on a mobile device is now faster and simpler . So if you’re using the CRM while you’re on the road, or if you generally like to use the CRM on a tablet or phone, you’ll have an all-around easier time using the CRM.

Check out the full product announcement here about our improved mobile experience.

Custom field sections

Take a look at an example of custom field sections! 

When you change to the new design, you’ll also get a brand new way to organize your custom fields. For custom contact, company, and pipeline fields, you’ll now have custom field sections. Organize your custom fields based on different projects, different team members, or anything else - it’s up to you! Color-code different sections of custom fields, use different symbols, and hide what you don’t need to see. Make your custom fields more organized and less cluttered.

Click here to learn more about the custom field section update!

These are the major improvements you’ll get as soon as you switch over the the new LACRM design but there are a ton of tiny changes that went into this new design to make it easier to use, more functional, and more aesthetically pleasing. Sign up for our newsletter to learn about more of these updates in the coming weeks!

Click here to upgrade to the new LACRM design!

And, as always, feel free to reach out to us with any questions.

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