Product Update: New "Add" Button

A new, central place to add anything to the CRM!
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Take a look at the new "add" menu in action! 

What do you add to the CRM on a daily basis? Probably new contacts and companies you encountered throughout your workday. Pipeline items to track your workflow. Tasks to remind you of what you need to accomplish. And events to help you stay on top of your business.

In the previous CRM design, if you wanted to add a contact or company record, you went to the contacts menu in the CRM. And if you wanted to add a task or event, you went to the calendar menu in the CRM. And to add a new pipeline item, you had to be on a particular contact or company's page. There wasn’t one central place to take all of the most common actions in the CRM. These old menus were pretty full of information, meaning sometimes customers were hunting for the buttons they used most frequently.

Easily add new information to the CRM - from any page.

With the new redesign, there is one central, easily accessible place for you to quickly add a contact, company, pipeline item, event, or task to the CRM. And you can access this “add” menu on every single page in the CRM. Now, no matter what you’re doing in the CRM - looking at your calendar, using the workspace, filtering your contacts list - you can add a new contact, company, pipeline item, task, or event in just one click.

Check out the new “Add” menu - find it by hovering over the plus sign on the CRM’s lefthand side menu.

Our developers and designers wanted to make everything you add to the CRM easier to find, cleaner, and more intuitive. This new menu will also help you easily import data, as well as access help articles about key topics like importing and our calendar integrations.

If you’re adding to the CRM, it means your business is growing - which is why this feature is such an important improvement.

Read our full announcement here to learn more about the great features that come with this new design.

Please feel free to reach out to us with any feedback or questions!

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