Product Update: Improved Mobile Navigation

The new CRM design makes it simpler and easier to navigate the CRM on a mobile device. Spend less time clicking buttons on your phone or tablet and more time getting things done within the CRM!
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Take a look at the improved mobile navigation in action!

In the previous version of the CRM, you had to click on “navigation” to open up all of the menu options in the CRM. Not anymore - now, at the bottom of the screen, there is a simple navigation bar you can use to go to all of the main pages in the CRM. Get to where you need to go in the CRM much more quickly on your mobile device. And, if you’d like to see the fuller navigating menu that is available on your laptop or desktop, you can find that on mobile by clicking the three dots on the mini-navigation bar.

This small navigation bar will always be at the bottom of your mobile device’s screen when you are working on the CRM. If you click the three dots I’ve highlighted in this photo, the navigation bar will expand and show more detail on the left-side of your screen.

What does this navigation bar at the bottom of the screen mean for your day-to-day workflow? Let’s look at an example. Let’s say you were on the main contacts page and wanted to quickly add a task while it was on your mind. In the past, on the mobile version of the CRM, to accomplish this from the main contacts page it would take four clicks. You would have had to click on navigation, then the calendar, then the page menu, then “new task.” Now, no matter where you are in the CRM, simply click the add (+) button and then click “new task.” This example cuts your clicks in half and offers a much more intuitive workflow.

An example of using the new mobile toolbar with the new "add" button.

We hope these improvements to the mobile version of the CRM make it easier than ever before to use the CRM on your phone or tablet. But the new design's improvements aren't limited to just the mobile version of the CRM - check out all of the new features in the overall announcement! Or reach out to us with any questions or feedback here.

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