Product Update: Improved Workspace

Check out LACRM’s new and improved workspace!
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Take a look at an example of customizing the new workspace!

The workspace in LACRM is your home base. It’s the first window that opens when you use the CRM. It gives you a bird’s eye view of the present, past, and future of your work life.

Check out the updated workspace!

Since the workspace is meant to be the page you open up in the CRM as you enjoy your morning coffee, it should be as personalizable as your coffee order. In our new design, the workspace is fully customizable. Unlike in the CRM’s previous design, where only minimal customization of the workspace was possible, now this space can become whatever you make  of it. Like your coffee black? Well, maybe a clean, minimalist workspace is for you. But we have enough bells and whistles to accommodate those who like an extra shot of hazelnut and some whipped cream in their coffee too. With LACRM’s new design, your workspace can now reflect your work style and personal preferences.

In the new design, the static components of the previous design have turned into dynamic widgets. You can move these widgets around and delete any you don’t need. By default, these widgets are named “Tasks,” “Pipeline Reports,” and “Activity Feed,” but you can now rename them. Use whatever language feels natural - maybe you like “to dos” better than tasks - it’s totally up to you!

You can customize your workspace settings on this page.

The tasks, pipeline reports, and activity feed widgets all come with individual customization options as well.


  • Choose if you’d like to see the tasks for all of your calendars or just certain calendars

Pipeline Reports:

  • Choose to only show a particular pipeline/pipelines rather than all your account’s pipelines
  • Choose to view particular users and teams pipelines’

Activity Feed:

  • Choose to only see the activity feed of specific teams or users on the workspace
  • Choose to view particular types of activity - pick and choose what activity you want to show up here. (You can pick and choose between notes, emails, new contacts and companies, events, tasks, and/or pipelines)

You can also add more than one of any type of widget - add two different task widgets, for example, one for your work tasks and one for your personal tasks.

In addition, you can now view your full calendar on the side of your workspace. Quickly reference the events on a particular day, or schedule a meeting right from your workspace. You can even choose which of your calendars are shown in this view. And if you decide to collapse this calendar view, you’ll still see a little reminder badge on the righthand side of the screen, letting you know which event is coming up next for you.

Take a look at the new side calendar!

So whether you’re a manager who wants to see how your team is doing at a glance, or a solo small business owner that wants a more focused workspace, LACRM’s new design can be customized to suit your needs.

Prefer a live look at this feature? Watch our CEO Tyler King demo the new Workspace here:

Need help designing your workspace? Just reach out to us directly for help and feedback!

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