Product Update: Color-coded dropdown and checkbox options

This new feature lets you color-code each option in your dropdown and checkbox list to let you easily identify key information!
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Want to just see this feature in action? Watch LACRM CEO Tyler King demo our new color-coded dropdown/checkbox feature here:

This feature lets you associate some or all of your dropdown/checkbox list option with a specific color. This color then shows up as a tag on the contact's profile page (if it's a contact field) or on your pipeline report (if it's a pipeline field).

If you have color-coded pipeline fields, these will also show up on a contact/company's pipeline badge!

How to create a dropdown/checkbox list with color-coding or update an existing field:

As with all account-wide customization features, only LACRM administrators can create color-coded fields or add color-coding to existing dropdown/checkbox list options.

Create your own color-coded options
  1. Go to your Custom Fields page.
  2. Choose the record type you'd like to create this field on (or the record type that contains the field you'd like to edit).
  3. Click on "Create new custom field" (or hover your mouse over an existing dropdown/checkbox field and select "Edit field") and choose "Dropdown " or "Checkbox" under 'Field type'.
  4. Select a color on the right side of each option!

Tips on how to use this color-coding for good (and not evil!):

💡 Tip #1: Instead of using color-coding on every checkbox or dropdown list, color-code only the most important fields that need to stand out.

It's tempting to jump straight in and add color-coding to every field you have, but before you do that, take a step back first and evaluate which fields should have color-coding, and which fields don't really need that extra customization.

That's because if every field is color-coded, it becomes harder for any single color-coded field to stand out.

Color-coded contact fields can be found on the right side of a contact's profile

💡 Tip #2: Instead of assigning a color to every single option in one dropdown or checkbox list, assign a color only to the most important option.

Just like the above tip, being judicious with selecting which option to color-code lets the most important detail stand out clearly.

For example, of you have a checkbox list of 5 products, 2 of which are the big ticket items that you want to flag up, just assigning a red color to those 2 products in your checkbox list will ensure that they stand out no matter what other options are selected!

Color-coding specific options only makes them stand out even more

💡 Tip #3: Use color-coding to organize your leads by priority

For those who have been with LACRM for many many moons, you may remember that we used to have a default "Priority" field on our pipeline (if you remember this, this means you've used LACRM through at least 2 major version updates now!). This Priority field allowed you to assign a High/Medium/Low priority rating to each lead, and it was automatically color-coded. We removed this field in our previous version of LACRM but with this new feature, you can now build your own priority field with your own colors and ratings!

Feel free to instead create a dropdown list of percentages based on how likely a sale will close, or stick with the standard Hot/Warm/Cold rating. However you and your team like to prioritize your leads, color-coding will help key prospects stand out.

Color-code your lead list based on priority

We hope you love this new feature as much as we do! If you have any questions or want some more ideas on how you can incorporate this feature into your existing workflow, just contact us.

P.S. If you are on the old version of LACRM and would like to use this feature, you can upgrade to the new LACRM here.

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