Product Update: More API Improvements

Webhooks, file functions, and email functions make an improved experience for developers looking to connect with LACRM's API
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Our developers have been making improvements to the API! If you have programming experience, you can use our API to build connections between LACRM and other software. The API makes it possible for LACRM to “communicate” with other software.

If you are reading this and don’t understand what the API is - that’s okay - the majority of our customers will never actually use the API. Only people with coding experience can utilize the API themselves. However, all customers benefit when the API improves because when we improve the API, we make it easier for other developers to create integrations with LACRM. You can see all of the integrations that we’ve built and other tools have built with us on our integrations page.  

If you do have programming knowledge and want to dive right in, you can find the API settings in the CRM following this link and our API documentation here.

The front page of our API documentation

If you are a developer and are curious about the new functionality that has been added to the API, you can see our latest API developments below: 


Webhooks are a notification system that allows you to be proactively notified when a user takes action in the CRM. Webhooks allow for instantaneous updates between LACRM and any other systems you’ve connected to LACRM with the API. This means webhooks allow for a much improved experience if you are looking to automate something between the CRM and another program. Here is a link that explains how you can use our new Webhooks.

File function

You can now use the API to pull files from the CRM to other software and vice versa. Take a look at this link to see how you can use the API to pull files to and from software you’ve connected to our API.

Email function

In the past, we treated logged emails the same as notes with our API - now, these are two separate functions. So you can more finely tune whether you want to pull notes, logged emails, or both using our API. Learn more about pulling information on emails here.

OAuth System (Open authorization)

If you are an integration partner with LACRM, you can use our OAuth system. The new OAuth system makes using the API more secure. No need for API keys - securely and confidentially connect to LACRM’s API. If you are interested in learning more about LACRM’s integration partner program, take a look at our integration partner program hub.

We hope these improvements will enhance your experience using our API. And we’re excited for more integrations to be built with LACRM because of these API improvements.

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