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Check out December’s update digest of small tweaks and improvements to Less Annoying CRM!
Three new integrations, user management improvements, and easily schedule a call with your CRM Coach
If you've ever wanted to sync your Less Annoying contacts with Outlook, QuickBooks, or ConstantContact, check out PieSync! PieSync is an int...
Less Annoying CRM has a new integration with My Rep Chat, a client text-messaging software that you can use on your computer and phone.
Now, you can forward emails that you have previously sent to the CRM, and we will log the message to the correct contact!
Over the past few months, Less Annoying’s development team have been hammering away at new improvements (you may have already discovered some of them in your account!).
Built by request from our conference, LACRM can now log email attachments!
We've been working on more than just the new calendar! Read on to learn the small feature tweaks and updates we've added in the past few weeks.
This project has been years in the making. The new calendar has a ton of great new features to help you be more productive.
Our updated importing tool makes it easier to map different pieces of data to contact and company records.
Check out the latest updates to our merge feature.
We recently made it easier to add contacts and companies to multiple groups at once, as well as make groups public or private on the fly.
Exported tasks now include the primary phone number and email address of the associated contact or company.
We are rolling out a new version of LACRM that's been over a year in the making
Less Annoying CRM can now send text messages to remind our UK users about upcoming events.
2016 has arrived! It seems like a natural time for us to set a few New Year’s resolutions for LACRM and take a look at what we accomplished in 2015.
Visualize all of your leads on a map to help make scheduling and routing more efficient.
On February 9th, 2015, we will no longer support Internet Explorer 8.
Tasks just got even better in Less Annoying CRM. We now support creating/editing on mobile, and adding links to contacts on the fly!
If you've been following our product updates over the last few months, you already know that we've been focusing on improving the reporting option...
We just launched a new feature that will make tasks much more useful in Less Annoying CRM.
Less Annoying CRM now lets you sort by any field you want. We also made improvements to the sorting interface and report results to make it even easier.
Less Annoying CRM was recently updated to include a number of filtering and design improvements on our reporting pages. This blog post explains the changes
Less Annoying CRM now lets you set up links between contacts in your CRM to track virtually any type of relationship structure you can imagine.
I'm excited to announce that we just launched the next major version of Less Annoying CRM! There are a ton of great improvements which we summarize...
Resources > Company Blog > Product Updates
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