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How it worksOutlook calendar sync one of the easiest features we have because after you set it up, there's nothing else to do. Events will aut...
Teams allow you to share groups with specific subsets of your users (you can read more about teams and how to create them here). Here are so...
Instead of having the Less Annoying CRM logo in the top left corner of your CRM, you can upload your own logo! Here's how to format your logo ima...
When you finish importing your spreadsheet, you’ll be offered a list of actions that you can take on the new records you created. Here’s a review...
The GetPipelineItemsAttachedToContact function is used to retrieve a list of all pipeline items that have been attached to a contact. For example, ...
The GetPipelineSettings function will return a list of all of your pipelines along with each pipeline's ID and a list of statuses. This can be help...
The short answer is that custom contact fields are for contact records, and custom company fields are for company records! Read on for an explanati...
Don’t worry — it’s easy to undo an import in LACRM. If you finish your import and realize that you’ve made a mistake, the best option is to undo ...
After you close your account, we’ll store your data for one calendar year. We retain your data on our encrypted servers for a year in case you deci...
Your information is critical to your business and livelihood. With Less Annoying CRM, your data always belongs to you, and there are no limits on h...
Sync your scheduling software with Google Calendar to see your scheduled meetings in Less Annoying CRM!
A great way to use the CRM more is to make shortcuts to Your Workspace on all of your devices. A shortcut is an icon that sits on your device's home screen so that you're always one click away from your CRM.
Our new integration with Cardin, an Add-On for Gmail users, lets you see contacts' details, add new contacts, and scan pipelines right from your inbox.
One easy way to make the CRM more accessible? Make the CRM your browser’s homepage! That way, when you open up your browser, the CRM will be the first site that you see.
In this tutorial, we’ll cover how to make your LACRM notification emails stand out in your inbox to make sure you never miss anything important.
Check out Less Annoying CRM’s hidden Teams feature! You can create teams of users and share groups with specific teams.
If you want to log all of your outgoing emails (without having to remember to key in your email logging address), look for instructions on how to set this up in your email client below.
Want to search for a specific note you left? Use your browser’s search function to easily search a page for keywords.
In this post, we’ll go over all of the ways you can filter your groups to find just the contacts you need.
Pipelines are one of the more helpful features of the CRM, but they can also be tricky if you’ve never worked with them before.
This is a list of known VOIP phones that work with LACRM's click-to-call feature or offer their own browser extension that allow you to dial your LACRM contacts.
This help article lists each in house and third party integration you have access to with Less Annoying CRM.
At this time, Less Annoying CRM only integrates directly with Google calendar. However, in most cases it is possible to sync your iPhone calendar t...
This code shows how to attach a new pipeline to a contact or company.
This code shows how to update an existing pipeline item.
Resources > Help Documentation
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