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Small Business Spotlight: Estelle & Stephen Cockcroft
We sat down with Estelle and Stephen to talk about how they keep track of their leads and sales reps while sailing the world.
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This article covers a few key topics to think about before you add a new hire to the CRM.
This article explains how to keep your team on the same page and working together by assigning tasks and events to alert others of important items.
A CRM is only useful if your entire team uses it, so make sure everyone gets the memo by making it part of the job!
All customers start as leads so don't lose potential customers by allowing your lead volume to dry up. Keep tabs on changing numbers to avoid surprises!
When there are lots of moving parts to a project, it sometimes becomes easier to keep track of everything separately with individual records.
Worried about all the "stuff" you have to do to start your own business? The process might be less complex than you think.
In this post, we'll discuss why small businesses are a perfect customer base for a bootstrapped company (and a bad one for a VC-backed company).
Your smartphone's built-in microphone tool helps you enter notes on the go -- just speak into your phone and start saving notes into the CRM.
Learn how to track your prospects' availability so you know when they're free to talk and don't waste time playing phone tag!
The Less Annoying CRM team took a look at the data from Software Advice's 2016 CRM Software Small Buyer Business Report.
Instead of leaving a note at the end of the day and risk forgetting key information, enter a note into your CRM immediately and edit the note later.
Dictate a note into your CRM using your smartphone!
Use your CRM to onboard your new hires, monitor their progress, and see if they are a good fit for your company.
Identifying problems is an important part of growing a business, and the CRM lets you see what exactly you can improve to keep your conversion rate high.
Read on to learn what Cathy Cain-Blank, president of CC Marketing and Communications has to say about developing your small business!
Consistent follow up calls ensure that your leads don't slip away. Schedule a chunk of time on your calendar everyday to make sure you don't miss out!
Customers trust you when they know you are the expert. Establish yourself as the expert, and give your customers a reason to tell everyone else about you!
This post outlines the potential benefits of selling to small businesses and why it’s a smart move now.
By having your CRM prepared for anything that could happen to your business, you will be ready whenever anything does, and won't end up overwhelmed!
It's easy to lose track of documents when you are working on a big project. Stay on top of them all by keeping everything in one place!
We’ve come up with these best practices through years of experience and by talking to our own users. Prepare to get inspired!
This articles explains how you can track different types of events for your business.
Notes are essential to any CRM - they help you keep track of phone calls, interactions with a person, and any other general details. But did you kn...
Sometimes you need to see something to believe it, so if your team doesn't think a CRM is for them, show them what your customized CRM can do!
A CRM is intended to make life easier for you, but this can't happen if you don't use it. Make it a habit to use the system, and start reaping the rewards!
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