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This article has been updated for the latest version of Less Annoying CRM. If your CRM looks different, you can click here to upgrade to the newest version of LACRM!

Tip: Make a shortcut to the CRM

An important part of getting started with the CRM is  making CRM use a habit. The more you make LACRM a part of your daily routine, the more accurate your data entry will be, and the more helpful your CRM will be.

A great way to use the CRM more is to make shortcuts to Your Workspace on all of your devices. A shortcut is an icon that sits on your device's home screen so that you're always one click away from your CRM. After all, the easier your CRM is to get to, the more likely you are to use it and enter data as you gather it! Click here for instructions on creating a shortcut to the CRM.

You can even pin a shortcut to Less Annoying CRM via your smartphone or tablet. Check out our tutorials for pinning LACRM to your home screen on an iOS device (iPhones and iPads) or an Android device.

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