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Tip: Make a shortcut to the CRM

An important part of getting started with the CRM is  making CRM use a habit. The more you make LACRM a part of your daily routine, the more accurate your data entry will be, and the more helpful your CRM will be.

A great way to use the CRM more is to make shortcuts to Your Workspace on all of your devices. A shortcut is an icon that sits on your device's home screen so that you're always one click away from your CRM. After all, the easier your CRM is to get to, the more likely you are to use it and enter data as you gather it! Below, I'll cover how to create a shortcut on your desktop and mobile devices.


1. Navigate to  Your Workspace from your favorite browser (yes, this tutorial works for Chrome, Safari, and Firefox!). Make sure your browser isn't full screen so that you can access the desktop behind it.

Create a shortcut to LACRM on Mac

2. Highlight the URL in the bar at the top of your browser, and click and hold. Drag the URL (you'll notice a green plus sign appear), and release it over your desktop. An icon with Your Workspace's URL should appear. You can right click on the icon to change its name, or drag the icon and release it over your task bar in order to access it from any home screen on your Mac.

Create a shortcut to LACRM on Mac

Windows 10

Note: there are several methods for creating a shortcut in Windows, depending on the browser you are using. We're covering the methods for Chrome, Microsoft Edge, and Firefox. If you're using a different browser, check out this tutorial on using the Windows Shortcut Wizard.

1. Navigate to Your Workspace from your favorite browser.

2. Depending on which browser you use, follow these steps...

  • Edge: Click the three dot menu icon in the upper-right. Then click "Pin this page to the taskbar".
  • Chrome: Click the hamburger menu in the upper-right. Then click "More tools" and "Create Shortcut". Type in the website name.
  • Firefox: Resize your browser window so that you can see both the URL of the browser and your desktop. Next, click the website or lock icon all the way to the left in the URL bar. Hold and drag that icon onto the desktop, then release. You should see an icon for your new shortcut!
Create a shortcut to LACRM in Edge on Windows 10


Yes, you can even pin a shortcut to Less Annoying CRM via your smartphone or tablet! Check out our tutorials for pinning LACRM to your home screen on an  iOS device (iPhones and iPads) or an Android.

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