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Enter audio notes from your smartphone

This article was included in the November 22nd, 2016 issue of the LACRM Newsletter.

Being able to take your CRM on the go with you is valuable. You can enter notes right after a client meeting, just before you get into your car, and essentially wherever you are with your mobile device. But sometimes, it can be tricky to type notes on a small screen, or you just don’t have the time to type every single word out. So Mario Raia, President of Combined IQ, uses a feature that he already has on his phone with the CRM:

“As a mobile tool, the CRM is essential. When I’m out of my office, I can bring up the client on my phone, click the ‘Note’ field, hit the little microphone, dictate a note into a contact record, and then I’m done. This lets me immediately add notes into my CRM about what a client call was about after they call me. I speak much faster than I type, so it’s an easy way to keep my CRM updated with every client interaction.”

-Mario Raia, President of Combined IQ

Tip to try: Between meetings and calls, instead of typing out abbreviated notes that need to be fleshed out later, simply dictate your note directly onto the contact’s History. This way, you don’t have to try to recall the exact details of your conversation a few hours later, and instead have detailed notes then and there.

Apple devices have the microphone feature directly on its keyboard:

And on an Android keyboard, the microphone feature can be found on the top right corner (Note: Android has many different keyboards so yours might look a little different):

Because LACRM is a web-based tool that can be accessed on any cell phone or tablet connected to the internet, the built-in features of whatever device you’re on can usually also be used with the CRM. So if there are any other handy features you use normally on your phone, try it out with the CRM! If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact us!

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