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Pinning Less Annoying CRM to Your Home Screen on an Android Device

When using the Google Chrome browser on your Android phone or tablet, you can pin the Less Annoying CRM website to your device's home screen to allow you to launch the CRM with a single touch, just like all of your other apps. Follow these steps to learn how:

1. Navigate to www.LessAnnoyingCRM.com in Google Chrome on your phone or other Android device (NOTE: Some Android devices come with other browsers included, but these alternatives will not support pinning of this kind)

2. Click "Log in" at the top of the homepage

3. Enter your login information (email/password) to access your account—or use Google sign-in, if your CRM login is linked to your Google account

4. Touch the menu button at the top of the Chrome browser window (it looks like three dots aligned vertically) and choose "Add to Home screen" from the menu that appears

5. Give the bookmark a name—"LACRM" is a common choice, since it will display a bit more cleanly once pinned

6. Place the icon on your home screen wherever you'd like.

7. Touch the icon on your home screen at any time to launch LACRM in Chrome!

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