5 ways to customize LACRM as an insurance agent

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Less Annoying CRM is relationship manager designed to help you easily stay on top of your clients, contacts, and prospects. As an insurance agent, you have juggle follow-ups, policy renewals, new clients and more every day. Here are some tips on how to customize your LACRM account to make that as easy as possible.

1) Customize the way your clients' policy dates show up on your calendar.

Policy renewal and enrollment dates, when saved onto the Policy pipeline, show up on your calendar by default. But the default display settings may not be the best for seeing the information you need at a glance. Choose a "Nickname" for those dates, and/or an icon that makes it clear to you exactly what those dates mean.

By giving my "Policy Enrollment Date" field the nickname "Enrolling" and a new icon, I can more easily see what those dates are for.

Here's a tutorial on how to customize your date fields.

2) Separate the different types of follow-ups you do into different sub-calendars.

If you spend most of your day on follow ups, and need an easier way to see what to focus on at a glance, sub-calendars might just be what you're missing. Sub-calendars allow you to organize both your tasks and events so that you can more easily differentiate between categories of follow-ups.

With separate calendars for different types of follow-ups, you can more easily plan how your day should go.

Here's a tutorial on how to set up sub-calendars.

3) Upload policy documents directly onto the Policy pipeline.

Custom file fields allow you to upload files to a contact, company, or a pipeline itself. With each policy, you may have lots of scanned documents related to that policy. Instead of uploading them all onto the contact where they might be harder to find, create a file field on your Policy pipeline so that documents can be uploaded directly to the policy they correspond with.

Uploaded Policy documents will also show up in your Policy pipeline report.

Here's a tutorial on how to create a custom file field on your pipeline.

4) Use contact-link fields to link dependents and/or spouses together.

Depending on the clients that you have, you may have separate policies for each family member, or you may have multiple people on the same policy. In both cases, the contact-link field will come in handy to help you link these clients together.

If different family members are separate clients with different policies, use a custom contact-link field to link those contacts together.

By using a contact-link field, I can hop over to Susan's profile page just by clicking on her name on the right.

If different family members are on the same policy, use a custom pipeline contact-link field to link those contacts to the same Policy pipeline.

By linking other dependents to the same Policy, I can always just pull up one Policy and jump over to any dependents' pages from there.

Contact-link fields allow you to more easily connect people and policies together so that you're always following up with the right people.

Here's a tutorial on how to create contact-link fields and what different field types are for.

5) Bookmark frequently-accessed filters to pull up those reports whenever you need to.

Filters in LACRM allow you to pull up any subset of contacts/companies based on whatever field you have in the CRM. You can stack these filters on top of one another to get to very specific contacts. For example, if you need to see everyone who is going to turn 65 years old soon, you'll need to:

  • Filter to show everyone who is currently 64 years old.
  • Then sort that list by Birthday (Relative to today) to see who will be turning 65 first.

While these are only two filters to turn on, that adds clicks to your day. What you can do instead is just run this filter once, then bookmark the URL. Now whenever you come back to this bookmark, you'll get the most updated list of upcoming 65th birthdays.

I can now hop to this list whenever I need to just by pulling up the bookmark and no longer have to set my filters.

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