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Additional calendars

Here's how to create additional calendars to color-code or segment your events and tasks:

  • Mouse over “Settings” and select “Calendar” in the menu.
  • Under the “Your calendars” section select “Create another calendar.”
  • Enter an appropriate calendar name and select a color.
  • Choose "Full visibility" if other users on your account should see the event and task details on this calendar.
  • Choose "Limited sharing" if other users on your account should see that you're not available, but shouldn't see the event or task details on the calendar.
  • Choose "Private" if no one other than you should see the events or tasks on this calendar.
  • Please note: visibility settings are only available for accounts with multiple users. Single users won't see the visibility settings for your additional calendars.
  • Create the calendar.
  • Please note: additional calendars are only visible to the user who created it. Other users will see all of the events on a single calendar, but they will not see another user's color coding. If another user assigns an event or task, it will be assigned to the primary calendar.
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