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Using calendars to organize events and tasks

Learn how to use additional calendars in LACRM.

  • Not sure how to create additional calendars? Learn how here.
  • Personal calendar: create a personal calendar to track personal events, like doctor's appointments or a family schedule. This calendar can be set to "Private", so no one else can see the events, or it can have "Limited availability" so colleague's can see you're unavailable without knowing why.
  • Call and Meeting calendars: create one calendar for calls and another for meetings. Each calendar will be in a different color, so you can see at a glance how many calls you have in a given day, and how many meetings you have scheduled.
  • Reminders calendar: create a reminders calendar to track general reminders, like when to pay rent, file paperwork for taxes, or when to water your plants. You can hide reminders from your main view by unticking that calendar, but still see them on your Workspace and in the Daily Agenda email.
  • Department calendars: create calendars for different departments you work in, like marketing or customer service. You can use the marketing calendar to easily see upcoming deadlines or to check your marketing schedule, and use the customer service calendar to see scheduled calls with clients.
  • Prioritization calendars: create calendars for high priority, medium priority, and low priority. You can assign tasks and events to each calendar depending on the importance. The color-coding will help high priority items stand out, and once completed you can move on to the next most important items.
  • Time zone calendars: create calendars based on the time zone or time of day, like Eastern time or Morning. You can use the calendar to view things you need to get done earlier in the day, and in the afternoon focus on later time zones.
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