4 things you can do to delight your repeat customers

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Repeat customers are an important part of any business, so it's good to show them how much you appreciate them. They're more loyal, buy more often and refer their friends to you. They're also a source of positive reviews, which build up your credibility as well as help with SEO. Plus, it's easy to identify repeat customers in your CRM!

Here are four ways you can show these customers how much you appreciate them:

Write them a personalized birthday note (instead of using a template)

It's quick and easy to see when someone's birthday is in LACRM. While it's fast to send a generic "Happy Birthday" message, your repeat customers can probably use an extra something with their birthday wishes. Here are some ideas for making that note feel special:

  • Include an inside joke or why you enjoy working with them
  • Ask for feedback about what's going well and where there is room for improvement so that next time will be even better.
  • Add a gift card to a store you know they like, or a hobby you know they have.

Give them a discount when they make a referral

This one is probably common knowledge, but incentivizing referrals by providing discounts is especially powerful for repeat customers because they are already purchasing from you, and will likely continue doing so if the relationship continues to thrive.

  • How should you structure your discounts? It depends on your business and what makes sense for you.
  • One easy way is to make it a percentage of their typical sale. For example, if someone buys $200 worth of products from you every month, offer them 20% off their next order. If they're spending only $100 per month with you, maybe offer 10%.
  • Another way to think about it could be to offer a discount based on the number of sales made through the referral (e.g., one new sale = 5% off; five new sales = 10%). Or it could be structured as a percentage off the total amount spent by all parties involved (e.g., one new sale = 10% off; five new sales = 20%).
  • Send them a "thank you" after each referral!

Feature them on your social media or website

There are many ways you can use social media and your website to feature your loyal customers.

  • Create a “Featured customers” page on your website. This could include pictures, links to their social profiles, videos of them talking about what they love about your products or services, etc.
  • Share a quick post about them on your Facebook/Instagram/LinkedIn page with a link to their own profiles.
  • Feature them in an email newsletter. You can also create a video series where you interview customers and ask them why they decided to become repeat customers. Then post these videos on YouTube and link back to it from your homepage or other marketing materials.

Surprise them with an unexpected small gift or freebie

If you have a particular customer who's been with your business for a while and has an invested interest in continuing to do business with you, then it's time to unleash the full arsenal of delighting tactics. For example, if they're not getting something they've been hoping for or asking about, consider surprising them with a small gift or freebie every once in a while.

Unexpected gifts, or extra freebies included in their order have the greatest potential of bringing a smile to your customers' faces!

Bonus: include your company logo or contact info on that gift! This way, whenever they see it around, they'll remember exactly where it came from.

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