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Tracking birthdays

Learn how to enter, find, and use birthday data in LACRM:
  • Enter a contact's birthdate into our default "Birthday" field by hand, or import birthday data in bulk to the "Birthday" field.
  • Contacts' birthdays appear on the Calendar, on the Workspace, and in your daily agenda email.
  • A contact's age is automatically calculated based on the birthday field.
  • Need to find all contacts with birthdays next month? Learn how to filter by the birthday field here.
  • Need to find all contact who are turning 65 soon? Learn how to find contacts turning a specific age here.
Learn how to use birthdays for your business:
  • Start scheduling follow up tasks: sort your report by “Birthday (relative to today)” and start contacting or scheduling tasks for folks with birthdays coming up soon.
  • Export a birthday report and run a mail merge to send everyone a card: make creating and sending cards easier with your word processor’s built-in mail merging tools. We even have a tutorial to help you run a mail merge using your CRM’s data.
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