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How can I keep track of birthdays in LACRM?

Many industries require professionals to keep track of their lead and client birthdays in a CRM. Whether you’re an insurance agent and you need to see who is turning 65, or you’re a travel agent and you want to wish your existing clients happy birthday, LACRM can help you track and manage all of the birthdays in your database. This tutorial will cover how to enter, find, and use birthday data in LACRM.

Entering birthdays

In order to track everyone’s birthday, you first have to enter all of your contacts into the CRM! You can enter in contacts and their birthdays by hand (just input their birthdate under our “Birthday” field), or you can import contacts in bulk and map in their birthday to our "Birthday" field.

Once you enter a birthday, it will display on the left hand side of the contact's record under "Contact info" and on your calendar. On the day of a contact's birthday, you'll receive a notification in your daily agenda email and the birthday will display on Your Workspace.  

Note: you do not need to create a custom field for birthdays, and our birthday field can only hold one birthday at a time. If you’d like to track spouse or children’s birthdays, you should create separate contact records for each family member.

Pulling reports

You can pull reports on contact birthdays from both your pipeline report and your Find a Contact page. You can filter each report by both the contact’s age and their birth date in relation to today.

Filtering by age

Let’s say we want to find all of the contacts in our CRM that are about to turn 65. First, we need to filter by age and find all of the contacts that are currently 64. Navigate to your Contacts page, and in the gray filtering bar on the left side of the page, select "Add a filter". Under the option for “What would you like to filter by?” choose “Number of years old” and select “is 64.”

This report will show you every person in your CRM who is currently 64 years old.

Filtering by date of birth

You can also filter by the date that someone was born. Let’s say we want to see everyone with a birthday coming up next month. On your Find a Contact page, click “Filter by specific field” in the gray bar at the top of the page and under “What would you like to filter by?” select “Birthday.” Choose the option to show results “between” the first and last day of next month.

This report will show you every person in your CRM whose birthday is next month.

Note: you can layer your filters to find everyone turning a certain age in the next month. For example, if you run a report for everyone who is currently 64 and layer on the filter for everyone with a birthday next month (by clicking on "Add another filter" on the left gray bar when you've already got one filter turned on), you have a report for everyone who is turning 65 in the next month.

Using birthdays for your business

Now that you have a report of relevant birthdays, you can use your data to further your relationship with your contacts. You can…

  • Start scheduling follow up tasks: sort your report by “Birthday (relative to today)” and start contacting or scheduling tasks for folks with birthdays coming up soon.
  • Export the report to a spreadsheet and run a mail merge to send everyone a card: make creating and sending cards easier with your word processor’s built-in mail merging tools. We even have a tutorial to help you run a mail merge using your CRM’s data.
  • Create a group to send emails to: you can easily sync a group of contacts in LACRM to a list in MailChimp, an email marketing program LACRM integrates with. In MailChimp, you can create a happy birthday email or a drip campaign for leads that are eligible for new programs because of their age. Here is a tutorial on setting up a sync between LACRM and MailChimp. If you don’t want to use MailChimp, you can also export the group and import your contacts into another email marketing program.
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