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How to find contacts turning a certain age

It’s pretty common to want to pull up contacts with upcoming birthdays, but sometimes you also want to find those who are reaching a specific age. Whether that’s to celebrate a milestone birthday, or to alert them to new benefits, you can use two filters to pull up contacts who are reaching a certain age in a given month.

If you go to the Contacts list, you can first filter to find contacts with birthdays in an upcoming month. In the sidebar on the left, you can select “Add a filter.” Then, select “Birthday” “is between” and enter the first and last of the month. When you apply the filter, it’ll pull up everyone with a birthday in that month. For example, you can select July 1st and July 31st to find everyone with a birthday in July.

Note: even though the birth year appears in this filter, the CRM will not use the year for filtering purposes here. Only the month and day are used.

After you’ve filtered by the birthday, you can add a second filter to narrow the list further and see everyone turning a certain age in that month. Again, click on “Add a filter” in the sidebar on the left. You can then select “Number of years old” “is” and enter the desired age. For example, you can enter 64 to find everyone who is currently 64 years old.

When you apply this filter, it’ll pull up contacts who are currently the entered age. These two filters are added on top of each other, giving you a list of contacts with a birthday in the specified month who are turning a selected age. Using the previous examples, we now have a list of everyone who is currently 64 and will be turning 65 in July.

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