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Filter to show contacts turning a certain age

Here's how to find contacts turning a certain age in an upcoming month:

  • Go to the main Contact list by selecting "Contacts" in the navigation bar.
  • Select "Add a filter" in the "Sort and filter" section on the left.
  • In the dialog that appears, choose "Birthday" "is between" and enter the first and last date of the desired date range. For example, "July 1" and "July 31."
  • Apply the filter to view all of the contacts with a birthday in that particular date range.
  • Next, select "Add another filter" in the “Sort and filter” section.
  • In the dialog that appears, choose "Number of years old" "is" and then enter the desired date. For example, "64."
  • The second filter will be applied on top of the first to narrow your results further, giving you, for example, a list of everyone who is currently 64 and will turn 65 in July.
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