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Can I sync my Google and Outlook calendars with LACRM?

LACRM has integrations with Outlook and Google calendars, and it is possible to integrate them both using different sub-calendars in the CRM. Each Outlook or Google calendar will need its own sub-calendar in LACRM, so that each calendar is connected to a separate LACRM sub-calendar.

Before setting up the integrations, you’ll first need to create any sub-calendars you may need. Each LACRM account starts with one Primary calendar, and you’ll need to create at least one additional sub-calendar to sync both Outlook and Google calendars. If you go to the Calendar page, in the menu on the left you can select “Calendar settings.” At the bottom of the dialog that opens, select “Create another calendar,” enter the relevant details, and then save it. You can repeat this process to create as many sub-calendars as necessary.

You can learn more about using sub-calendars here.

After creating the necessary sub-calendars, you can begin setting up the integrations one at a time. As you set up each integration, be sure that each calendar is integrated with a different LACRM sub-calendar. For example, you could sync your Outlook calendar to a “Personal” LACRM sub-calendar for your personal events, and your Google calendar to a “Primary” or “Work” LACRM sub-calendar for your work events.

You can follow these instructions to set up the Google Calendar integration.

Google integration page after setup

You can follow these instructions to set up the Outlook Calendar integration.

Outlook integration page after setup

After both integrations have been set up, your LACRM calendars will sync with Google and Outlook respectively. Each synced event will appear on the corresponding LACRM sub-calendar, and you’ll be able to view all sub-calendars and synced events from the Calendar page.

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