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Syncing with Outlook Calendar

Here's how to sync LACRM with Outlook Calendar:

  • Mouse over "Settings" and select "Integrations" in the menu.
  • Below the "Outlook" section, select "Set up calendar integration."
  • Select the button "Authorize the integration with Outlook Calendar" on the next page.
  • Read the dialog that opens carefully! Once you're sure you understand each point, select "Proceed to authorize the sync with Outlook."
  • Log into the Outlook account that you'd like to sync with LACRM.
  • Please note: privately hosted exchange servers cannot be synced. If you're on a privately hosted exchange server (ie, your team hosts its own version of Outlook) your calendar cannot be synced with LACRM.
  • Match up your Outlook calendar(s) with the corresponding LACRM calendar(s). For example, match your primary Outlook calendar with your primary LACRM calendar.
  • Click the button "Finalize the sync with Outlook" to begin syncing.
  • The sync will take a few seconds to run, longer if you have a lot of events to sync. Navigate to another page and continue using the CRM while the event data syncs over.
  • Please note: the calendar integration will only sync events. Tasks do not sync.
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