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How to sync your Outlook calendar with LACRM

How it works

Our Outlook calendar integration is one of the easiest features we have because after you set it up, there's nothing else to do! Events will automatically sync back and forth between your CRM and Outlook. No more switching between two calendars or worrying you've missed an important meeting because it wasn't showing up -- this integration should take care of all of that once enabled.

Enabling the integration

Just head to your integrations page to get started; click on "Set up calendar integration" under Outlook. The next page will ask that you authorize the integration with Outlook (note: make sure you're logged into the correct Outlook account online when you do this). Then, you can map one or more calendars in Outlook to your calendar(s) in LACRM:

That's it! Once you've told us which Outlook calendars you want to sync with, we'll take care of the rest and keep your events in sync.

Things you should know

While the sync is completely automatic, there are still some tips and tricks related to the setup that will help you get the most out of this feature:

  • You can create sub-calendars in LACRM, and sync each of those with a different calendar in Outlook. This is a great way to color-code your events and stay organized. For example, I have a primary LACRM calendar which my colleagues can see, and a "personal" one which only shares free/busy info in the CRM. Then in Outlook I can share my personal one with my family so they see those events, but not my work events.
  • We don't sync tasks, only events. This is because we have plans for tasks in LACRM which aren't compatible with Outlook (or Google) tasks, so syncing with them wouldn't work long-term.
  • You can sync with more than one Outlook/Google account, but each LACRM calendar can only sync with one external account. For example, you can sync your "primary" LACRM calendar with your Outlook account, and your "personal" one with Google (or with a different Outlook account), but you can't sync a single LACRM calendar with multiple Outlook/Google accounts. This is to prevent duplicate events.
  • We unfortunately can't connect with your Outlook if you're on a privately hosted exchange server (i.e., if your team hosts its own version of Outlook).

You can enable Outlook calendar integration from the integrations page. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us!

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