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How do I sync with Google Calendar?

You can sync a Google calendar to LACRM on the Integrations page under the Settings tab.  You'll want to select the option 'Set up calendar sync' on the Google section of the Integrations page.  The Google Calendar Integration page has a link to a helpful video about the sync. We highly recommend watching this video - also available here. If you don't see the option to sync with Google in your account, you may not have permission to do so. If you believe you should have syncing privileges, contact your account administrators.

To set up the sync, click on the button that says Click here to authorize the sync with Google Calendar. Please read the entirety of the dialogue that appears, it contains some important information regarding sync setup.

After you’ve read all of that information, click Proceed to authorize the sync with Google.  On the next page you’ll need to log in or select the appropriate Google account, if you haven’t automatically been logged in to your Google account.  After selecting your Google account, click Allow to give LACRM access to your Google calendar.  

Next, you’ll need to match up your Google calendar with the appropriate LACRM calendar. If you have only one calendar in LACRM and Google they'll automatically be matched, but if you have multiple calendars in LACRM or Google, you'll need to select which ones should sync.

Once you have matched the appropriate calendars, select "Finalize the sync with Google." The sync will take a few seconds to run, longer if you have a lot of events to sync.  Please be aware that Google calendar sync only supports events, so tasks will not sync over.

You can now create and edit events in either Google or LACRM, and the changes will pass across to the other system.  If you want, you can also connect your Google calendar to your phone or another system to create a three way link.

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