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Saving notes

Learn more about saving notes on your contacts and pipelines here.

Saving a note on a contact or company:

  • Under the contact or company history, enter the note, and select “Save note.”
  • This note will appear in the contact’s history, along with other logged activities.
  • Notes saved on the contact level will also display in the associated company’s history.
  • Need to change a note’s timestamp? Learn more about backdating notes here.

Saving a note on a contact’s pipeline:

  • If you need to connect a note to a pipeline update, open up the existing pipeline item, and select “Note” under the “Attach an item” section.
  • Enter the note, and select “Save [name of pipeline].” This pipeline note will appear in the history as a pipeline update.
  • To see all notes saved to a pipeline item, select the existing pipeline item, and click “View history” in the dialogue that appears. Here, you will see only notes taken on that pipeline item.

Details to keep in mind:

  • Notes saved on the contact will appear only on the contact, not in the pipeline.
  • Contact notes are included in a contact export, but not the pipeline report or a pipeline item’s history.
  • If you need all notes about a contact exported, export from the Contact list.
  • The pipeline report will display the last note taken on each pipeline item. This last note will also be included in the pipeline report export.
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