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Backdating notes

Here's how to backdate a note:

If you're creating a new note that needs to have a different date:

  • When you're done entering your note into a contact's History, select the calendar icon to the right of the "Save note" button.
  • Choose a new date and time.

If you're editing an old note to change its date/timestamp:

  • Click on 'Edit note' underneath the note.
  • Change the date and time of this note in the "Date" section of the pop-up box.

If you're trying to see the backdate history of a note (i.e. whether a note's date or timestamp has been edited):

  • Hover your mouse over the "!" icon to the left of the timestamp of the note.
  • A pop-up will appear, showing you the edit history of this note's date/timestamp.
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