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How to save phone extensions

Within LACRM you can track the relevant contact details like email and phone number, but you may also need to track an extension number for a phone. The CRM doesn’t offer a specific field for extensions, but there are two ways that you can track that information for easy reference.

Option 1: Use the existing phone field.

The CRM already has a phone number field, and you can simply add an extension to that field to save it. The phone number field will accept letters as well as numbers, so you can use an abbreviation to differentiate between the number and extension. However, entering the extension with the phone number will prevent the click-to-call from working, so if you use click-to-call you should not use this option.

Phone number with extension included

This option allows you to keep the phone number and extension next to each other, for easy reference. Additionally, if you have more than one phone number on a contact you can easily identify the extension for each different number.

Contact with an extension saved with the phone number

Option 2: Use a custom field.

If you need to keep the extension separate from the phone number, you can create a custom field for extensions. If you use click-to-call, you’ll want to have the extension in a different field than the rest of the phone number so that you can still click the phone number to dial out, and then input the extension afterwards.

Please note: only administrators can create custom fields. If you don’t see the option to create a custom field, you’ll need to contact an administrator on your account.

If you mouse over “Settings” you can select “Custom fields” in the menu. On the next page, you can select “Contacts.” Then, select “Create a custom field” near the top of the page. You can enter an appropriate field name, like “Phone extension” and choose “Text Box (single-line)” as the field type. (You could use a number field instead but it will format the entry as a number, so “1234” becomes “1,234” in the field). After you’ve created the custom field, you can click and drag the field to move it just below the CRM’s existing phone number field.

You can read more about how to create custom fields here.

Custom field creation for phone extension

After you’ve created the custom field, it’ll appear below the default phone number field when you create or edit a contact.

Contact with separate phone extension field

Once you save a phone extension, that entry will appear separate from the rest of the phone number on the contact. This will allow click-to-call to continue working, since you can click on the main phone number without extension, and then manually input the extension separately. If you have more than one phone number, the extension will be listed below the last number in the default phone number field.

Contact with phone extension in a custom field
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