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Using a VOIP phone with LACRM

Less Annoying CRM doesn't have any in-house integrations with VOIP services, but we do offer basic click-to-call functionality. Some third party VOIP services have built their own integration with LACRM as well.

Learn more about which VOIP options work with LACRM:

Direct API integrations
  • These integrations were built by each VOIP program to directly connect LACRM with the VOIP service. Integrations include options for things like call logging, call recordings and voicemails, and more.
  • Invoco (United Kingdom only)
  • JustCall
  • Simplii
  • Please note: LACRM did not develop these integrations, and we can't control whether they will or will not continue working with LACRM. If you have any issues with VOIP integrations, you'll need to contact the VOIP service directly for help.
Click-to-call link protocols
  • LACRM offers a click-to-call link protocol that allows you to click on a phone number to dial out through your VOIP softphone. This option is not a direct integration and calls will not be automatically logged or recorded.
  • LACRM click-to-call protocols are available on the Integrations Settings page, by selecting "Set up" below the "Phone" option.
  • Ooma Office: set LACRM to the "General VOIP protocol (tel prefix)." Then follow Ooma's instructions to set their tool as your default dialer.
  • RingCentral: set LACRM to the "RingCentral" option. Note that this is most reliable on Windows PCs.
  • Skype: set LACRM to the "Skype" option. Note that if you use Skype 7/Classic, you'll instead need to use the "Callto prefix" option.
  • Other VOIP services: set the LACRM setting to the appropriate prefix based on your phone service. If you're not sure which option to select, reach out to your VOIP service provider, or let us know and we can try to point you in the right direction.
Browser extensions
  • Browser click-to-call extensions are offered by some VOIP programs to enable click-to-call. These options allow you to dial out, but will not log or record calls.
  • 8x8
  • CrazyCall
  • Cricket (Chrome or Firefox): Use code "LACRM" when signing up online or over the phone for a $10/mo discount on Cricket!
  • Google Voice: note that Google Voice has been particularly unreliable over the years.
  • GoToConnect
  • Vonage
  • Please note: LACRM does not have control over browser extensions and we can't control whether they will or will not continue working with LACRM. If you have any issues with the browser extensions, you'll need to contact the VOIP tool directly for help.
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