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Using a VOIP phone with LACRM

Various VOIP tools can be used in tandem with Less Annoying CRM in a variety of ways. While LACRM does not offer any direct integrations with VOIP platforms (i.e. connections built and maintained by LACRM's team), various VOIP platforms have built their own integrations to LACRM. Other tools which do not offer direct integrations support click-to-call / click-to-dial functionality.

This page has a list of VOIP platforms that LACRM customers have reported successfully using with LACRM in various ways. The list is broken into sections by the type of possible connection, ranging from direct third-party integrations to simpler click-to-dial functionality.

(Note that this list is not exhaustive—for information on whether your VOIP dialer can be used for click-to-call with a web-based tool like LACRM, check with your provider.)

Direct, third-party API integrations

The below integrations were built by the listed VOIP provider to directly connect their platform to LACRM. This kind of direct integration enables options for things like call logging, call recordings and voicemails, and more—exact functionality varies by integration, so click below to learn more. For details, reach out to the provider for exact functionality.

Please note: LACRM did not develop these integrations, nor do we maintain their code. As a result, we can't control whether they are maintained over time. If you have any issues with these VOIP integrations, you'll need to contact the VOIP provider directly for support.

Click-to-call link protocols

Phone numbers in LACRM can be set as clickable links which use a variety of click-to-call protocols. With compatible VOIP tools, your computer can be set to launch your installed dialer when a certain type of link is clicked. You may choose your tool's compatible protocol on the Integrations Settings page, by clicking "Set up phone integration" within the "Phone" option.

Note that this functionality enables click-to-call using these tools, but does not facilitate a full integration (e.g. calls and emails made this way will not be logged automatically).

If you use a dialer installed on your computer and are wondering whether it supports click-to-call through one of our offered link types, contact your VOIP provider for information.

Browser extensions

Some installed and web-based VOIP tools offer browser extensions/add-ons which turn phone numbers on websites like LACRM into clickable links automatically. For these choices, you will not need to enable any settings in your LACRM account, as you will just install the appropriate browser extension/add-on.

Note that these tools enable click-to-call, but will not log or record calls. (However, some VOIP tools offering direct integrations do facilitate click-to-call using their own browser extension.) Each extension offered is browser-specific, so you'll need to use the appropriate browser to be able to use each option.

Please note: LACRM does not maintain these extensions, and cannot ensure they continue working properly over time. If you have issues with any browser extension, contact the provider of the relevant VOIP tool for help.

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