2022: Less Annoying CRM's Year in Review

We hope you've been enjoying the start to 2023! Read on for reflections about LACRM's past year in St. Louis!
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🎨This blog post features illustrations by the wonderful J Yang, who moonlights as a CRM coach.

Happy New Year🎉! Another year has come and gone and all of us here at Less Annoying CRM are so grateful for our wonderful customers. Below, I've written about some highlights from 2022 at LACRM.

Three new CRM coaches joined the team this year - Maya, Ruth, and the author of this blog post, Emma. All three of us are from the upper-Midwest and we've have been enjoying the slightly milder St. Louis winters. We also had nine brilliant fellows and interns join us over the summer.

Meet Maya, Emma, and Ruth!

The three of us joined our CRM coach colleagues in:

  • sending ~25,000 support emails,
  • answering 7,646 phone calls, and
  • completing 1,625 demos in 2022.

That adds up to a total of about 49 days and 14 hours of booked call time in 2022!

The coaching team also met four tigers at a tiger rescue organization on a very special day off.

Our developers were hard at work this year...

The developers also do a lot of work behind the scenes to keep the CRM at its best. And 2023 promises even more exciting updates from the developers.

Our designer Tori and CEO Tyler also created some beautiful new designs for LACRM that you will see later in 2023.

2022 brought us many new friends - in the form of new co-workers, new pets, and new third-party integrations! Check out the great integrations ZipMessage, Nusii, Blitzsender, and Canvass built with us.

We also held a belated celebration for reaching 25,000 users of the CRM. During our celebration, we got to visit a cave underneath a bar in St. Louis.

Photo of most of our full-time staff, as well as fellows and interns, in a "beer cave" in St. Louis.

As we're all big foodies at LACRM, in 2022 we...

  • shared 37 lunches together in the office - enjoying each other’s company and some delicious St. Louis cuisine. (Though nothing beats the amazing food and treats that Tyler and Bracken’s mom Monica brings to the office!)
  • had many wonderful food-related events, including an ultra-serious "Tour de Fries🍟" to determine the best fast-food French fries in St. Louis (an adventure planned by CRM Coach Elle).
  • went through an absurd amount of LaCroix (as always!) - about 2,304 cans in fact! That adds up to roughly 121 cans per employee over the course of the year.

What a year 2022 was!

Supporting small business owners, and everyone else who uses the CRM, is a highlight of every year for us, not just 2022. So thank you again to you, our customers, for being the best part of our year.

We’re so glad you chose LACRM and hope to continue working with you for many years to come. As always, don’t hesitate to reach out with questions or feedback - we'd love to hear from you!

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