New feature: Backdate notes

Whenever you enter a note retroactively, you now also have the option to backdate that note to reflect its actual date.
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Notes are one of the most, if not the most, important part of tracking your relationship with your contacts.

However, sometimes you don't have the time to enter in a note immediately after a call was made, or after a meeting. Or maybe sometimes you're a day or two late in logging your note (who's judging?).

Well, it used to be the case that when you entered a note, because LACRM automatically date-and-timestamped the entry, there wasn't a way for you to slot a note back in the correct chronological position.

Well, not any more! 

We're excited to announce the release of another new feature: the ability to backdate notes.

You should now see a new calendar icon to the right of your "Save note" button:

New calendar button, highlighted by a wonky, red hand-drawn circle.

Clicking on this Calendar icon will allow you to put in a specific date and time for this note. If you don't click on it, your note will save as-is with the current date and time.

If you're going through your old notes, you'll now see a little "!" icon next to their timestamps:

The "!" icon with an open menu.

If you hover your mouse over this "!" icon, you'll see any edit history for the date and timestamp of that note. So if a date or time was changed later on, you and everyone else on your team will be able to see it as well.

Finally, if you're thinking: "Oh boy, I've got some notes I need to edit now", that's wonderful! All you need to do is hit 'Edit note' underneath the note you want to change (you'll need to hover your mouse over that note in order to make that link visible) and you'll see this:

Editing a note now lets you change its date and time.

You'll see the "Date" option just under the note itself, and you can go ahead and change the time stamp of that note there.

How can I use this?

The most obvious ways to use this new feature are to:

  1. Use it to clean up any old notes that need to be backdated, so that your History is in chronological order
  2. Use it to backdate any note you're entering right now, if it was in regards to an event or follow up that happened in the past.

What else can I use this for? (Pro tip)

Here's a snazzy, mind-bendy thing you can do with this new feature: make sure some notes stay at the very top of a contact's History.

Let's say there's something you want everyone on your team to know about a contact before they save a note on them. Something you can do is "pin" a note to the top of a History simply by making the date of this note somewhere far out in the future:

Future Eunice from 2032 leaving notes for Past Eunice, like a helpful ghost.

This note will now stay at the top of a contact's History, until the date has either passed, or until that date is edited.

As always, we hope you like this new feature! If you have any questions, just reach out to us at

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