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Canvass is an applicant tracking/hiring tool designed to let you collect and manage video interviews seamlessly.

This integration with Less Annoying CRM will automatically send out a video interview invitation once you place a contact in a Canvass Interview pipeline, and responses to the video interview will automatically update that contact's status within the pipeline. You can view and manage all of your video interviews within the Canvass dashboard.


Canvass offers two payment options: pay as you go, or a monthly subscription. The pay as you go tier ranges from $3-$5 per candidate, and the monthly subscription ranges from $90-360/month depending on the size of your company.

Click here to view full pricing details.

Integration support

This is a third-party integration built by Canvass' team. If you run into any issues or have questions, please reach out to Canvass' support team, or check out their help documentation here.

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