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How to use an appointment scheduler with LACRM

While Less Annoying CRM doesn’t integrate directly with any scheduling tools, it is possible to connect a scheduler with LACRM through the Google calendar or Outlook calendar integrations. That does require your scheduler to connect with Google calendar or an online Outlook calendar, but then you can sync events from the scheduling tool to LACRM, using Google or Outlook calendar as the middle man. In order to connect the programs, you’ll need to set up two different syncs; one from LACRM to Google/Outlook calendar, and one from your scheduler to Google/Outlook calendar.

Sync LACRM with Google calendar or Outlook calendar.

If you don’t already have LACRM syncing with your Google calendar or Outlook calendar, you’ll need to set up that integration. If you mouse over “Settings” you can select “Integrations” in the menu. On the next page, you’ll see options to sync with Google or Outlook. You can select the appropriate link there, and then follow the steps to integrate your LACRM calendar with Google or Outlook.

Once you’ve connected LACRM with the appropriate calendar, you can link your scheduler to the same calendar program.

Sync your scheduling tool with Google calendar or Outlook calendar. 

Exactly how to sync your scheduler with Google calendar or Outlook calendar will depend on the scheduling tool that you use. The most common schedulers we hear about are Acuity Scheduling, Appointlet, and Calendly, but that’s by no means an exhaustive list of available options. We use Calendly synced through Google calendar ourselves, but you should use whatever scheduling tool works best for you!

You can find some instructions for syncing the most common schedulers we hear about here:

(Note that these links go out to the sites of these other services, so they may change or go away without us knowing. If you find an erroneous or dead link here, just give us a shout and we'll get you pointed in the right direction.)

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