Custom Pipeline Fields

Sometimes you'll create a pipeline and realize you need to collect a little more information about the process you're trying to track. For those situations, Less Annoying CRM has custom pipeline fields.

Custom opportunity fieldsWhen customizing the statuses of your pipeline, you will see a button in the left column that reads Create a Custom Field. Click this button to pop up a window that gives you a variety of different field types to choose from -- text boxes, dropdown lists, checkbox lists, number fields, date fields, and larger text areas. Give your field a title, choose the list type, and fill out any subsequently required information (for example, you'll need to enter the options for dropdown or checkbox lists).

Custom pipeline fields are great for collecting all kinds of information about the workflow you are tracking with that pipeline type. Make sure to only create this kind of custom field when you're tracking something about a particular process -- information about contacts should be stored on the contact's profile so that you can easily reference it even once your pipeline is closed!

Some examples of things you can track with custom fields include a checklist of the required documents, the total amount of a sale, a summary of the terms of a contract, a project's target completion date, and much more. All custom fields will be shown on the pipeline report for easy reference.

TIP: Several of the field types have a special option that allows you to use the value in that field as the title of the pipeline when displaying it on the contact or company profile. This is especially useful when trying to distinguish between two different pipelines of the same type on a contact or company profile at the same time.

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