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Can I upload files to contact or company records?

With Less Annoying CRM, uploading files is easy. With just a couple of clicks, you can upload files to contact or company records so that you can reference them later. This is great for uploading invoices, letters, PDFs, customer pictures, Word documents, and much more!

Each user in Less Annoying CRM has 10 GB of upload space, and that allotment is pooled amongst all the users on an account. For example, an account with six users has 60 GB of space for file uploads, shared amongst all users. Consequently, if one person handles most or all of the file uploading at your company, you needn't worry about running out of space on that single person's account. As long as all six users combined come in under the 60 GB mark, you'll still be able to upload files.

Uploading a New File

To start, open a contact or company's profile and locate the "Attach an item" area at the top of the left column. From this list, click File.

A small window will pop up. You can see how much of your upload space allotment you are using at the bottom of this window. To get started with uploading a new file, click the Select Files button. You will be prompted to browse your computer for the appropriate file. Locate the file and select it to begin the upload. Once you have selected a file, you will return to the small window and a bar will appear to show the loading progress. Larger files will take longer to upload, so be patient!

Once the file upload is complete, the file will show on the contact or company's profile near the top of the screen. By default, the file will be displayed by its file name, so you may find it easier to name files appropriately before uploading. You can also rename the file in the system, if you'd prefer.

Renaming, Opening, and Deleting Files

To interact with a file, simply click on the file tag on the contact or company profile. The File Details window will appear.


To give your file a new name, click the Rename link to the right of the name of the file. Enter a new name in the field that appears and click the "Save" button.

To download your file, click the Download button. The file will be immediately downloaded to your hard drive. You can change where downloaded files are saved on your system in your browser's settings.

Some types of files can also be viewed without downloading. These files will also include a View in Browser button. Click this button to open a new window or tab that will show the contents of the file. You will not be able to edit your file in this view.

You can also remove files by clicking the Delete this file link in the bottom-right corner of this window.

File Versioning

Sometimes you need to upload a new version of a file, but you don't want to lose your older draft. No problem! Less Annoying CRM supports file versioning. To get started, click on a file tag on a contact or company profile and then click the Upload a new version button in the bottom-left corner of the window. You will be prompted to select the new version from your hard drive.

Once you have uploaded your new version, your "File Details" will look a little different. At the bottom you will be given a list of older versions of the file, along with some information like the file name, who uploaded the file, the upload date, and the file size.

Less Annoying CRM file versioning

To open older versions of the file, just click the Download link next to that older version. You can also Delete older versions to save space and reduce clutter.

You can upload as many versions of a file as you need, but keep in mind that each version counts against your 10 GBs of upload space! If you are ever running out of space, a Less Annoying CRM support member will reach out to you to give you a heads-up, so don't fret too much about micromanaging your usage.

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