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Syncing existing iCloud events to LACRM through Google

Please note: we can only provide support for our own product— while we're happy to list documentation we've found helpful in syncing existing iCloud events to Google, you should contact Apple support if you need additional guidance.

Here's how to sync your iCloud calendar to LACRM through Google:

  • First, recreate iCloud sub-calendars in Google and LACRM. Learn how to set up a new calendar in Google here. Learn how to create a sub-calendar in LACRM here.
  • Next, export iCloud events from iCloud into .cal format. Learn how to export iCloud events here.
  • Import the iCloud export into Google calendar. Learn how import to Google calendar here. Note that this is not a back and forth sync, just a one-time import.
  • Sync Google to your Apple devices and set Google as the default calendar. Learn how to sync Google to your Apple devices here. Learn how to set the default calendar on your Apple devices here.
  • Sync LACRM with Google calendar. Learn how to sync LACRM with Google calendar here.
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