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Sync your scheduler with your Less Annoying CRM calendar

Many folks use schedulers to make setting up appointments with clients as easy as possible. Consultants, salons, recruiters, and even customer service agents use schedulers — LACRM included! You may have noticed that have started scheduling demos via Calendly, an online meeting scheduling software. Before Calendly, we would have to send several emails back and forth with customers to find a good time for a call. Now, customers can check out our entire schedule and pick a time that works best for them in just a few minutes.

If you use (or are considering using) a scheduler, you may be worried about getting newly scheduled appointments in your CRM calendar. Thankfully, many scheduling systems sync with Google Calendar, and Google Calendar in turn syncs with Less Annoying CRM! Using these integrations, you can make sure that new appointments show up on your LACRM calendar, and that events on your LACRM calendar mark you as unavailable at that time in your scheduler.

Check out the tutorial below to learn how to integrate your scheduler with your Less Annoying CRM Calendar!

1. Select a scheduler.

I’ll be using Appointlet in this example since we have some experience with it. However, there are many schedulers that sync with Google Calendar. Here are just a few:

2. Sync your scheduler with Google.

In Appointlet, when you first log in, you’ll be prompted to connect your Appointlet account with a Google Calendar. Follow their prompts to immediately integrate one of your Google accounts with Appointlet.

Once your Google account is connected, go to Members & Availability > Calendar to further customize which subcalendars you want scanned for conflicts, and connect any other Google accounts you have. Be sure to click “Save changes” on the right after you’re done.

Sync Appointlet with LACRM

I only want Appointlet to check my “Work” calendar in Google to see when I am busy, but I could have it check all of my subcalendars.

Note: there are many, many more settings you'll want to tweak in Appointlet, including meeting length, available hours, and breaks between meetings. You'll want to check your scheduler's settings and help documentation to make these changes.

3. Sync LACRM with Google.

In the CRM, hover your mouse over Settings and click Sync with Google. On your Google Integration page, select “Set up calendar syncing” and follow integration wizard. Connect the same Google account that you integrated with Appointlet to Less Annoying CRM. After you’ve set up the sync, decide which subcalendars in Google sync to your subcalendars in the CRM.

Sync your LACRM calendar with Google

And that’s it! Now, newly scheduled client meetings will show up in your CRM calendar, and you can easily block out time your scheduler by adding events to the CRM.

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