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Organizing your uploaded files

You can upload files in a number of places in LACRM: the contact, the company, a pipeline item, or as custom field. This article will cover all the ways you can upload files in the CRM.

In this article we'll go through specific tips on how to keep your files organized once they are in LACRM.

Using custom fields on a contact/company

We have a custom field type specifically for uploading files. You can learn more about how to create different custom field types here.

This means that you can simply create a field for a specific type of file, on a contact, company, or pipeline, and upload your files there.

For example, if you collect the resume of all your contacts, you can create a "Resume" file field on your Custom Fields page:

I can create a File custom field on a contact, company, or pipeline.

This allows you to upload the resumes of all your contacts into the same field each time when you create a new contact, or edit an existing contact. If you have multiple resumes for a single contact, that will also show up together on the contact's profile page:

All my uploaded resumes are housed under the 'Contact info' section

Using custom fields on a pipeline

You can also do this on a pipeline itself. So if you want to keep invoices for each sale kept separate, and you track your sales with a pipeline (you can learn more about what a pipeline is here), it will make the most sense to have an "Invoice" file field on your pipeline. You can create this on your Custom Fields page.

I can upload my invoices directly onto that specific sale.

This means that whenever I need to pull up specific invoices, I won't need to search through a list of different invoice names and can instead just click on the attached Sale pipeline on my contact to retrieve that invoice.

I can click on any of the Sale pipeline items to pull up the invoice for that sale.

Using file versions

When you upload a file directly into LACRM (i.e. via the 'Attach an item' button), you can upload different versions of the same file by clicking on 'Upload a new version'. This creates a running log of different files under the same file tag.

There is only one visible tag for all the Performance Plans here.

When I click on the one file tag, I'll be able to see and download all the different versions of the file I've uploaded to it:

I can upload as many versions of a file as I want, and the CRM will keep them all saved under one menu.

This allows me to essentially create a "folder" for all of these files simply by opening up the file tag and selecting 'Upload a new version' in the menu on the right. While this option was designed to let you upload different versions of the same file, you can upload different files if you want to in order to keep them all together under the same file tag.

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