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How do I sync my iPhone calendar with the CRM?

At this time, Less Annoying CRM only integrates directly with Google calendar. However, in most cases it is possible to sync your iPhone calendar to Google calendar. That will allow events entered in your iPhone to sync over to the CRM, with Google calendar acting as the middle man. There are a few different steps you’ll need to take to set this up properly.

An important thing to note before you start the syncing process: you must have exporting privileges in the CRM in order to sync your calendar with Google. If you don't see the option to sync with Google in your account, you may not have permission to export data from your account. If you believe you should have exporting privileges, contact your account administrators.

Step 1: Sync your iPhone calendar with Google.

This will pass across events you’ve entered in your iPhone to Google calendar. There are some instructions here for setting that up, under the heading “iPhone & iPad”:


Please note: If you use the iCloud calendar you’ll also need to import events from iCloud to Google. There are detailed instructions here for importing iCloud events to Google calendar.

Step 2: Sync Google Calendar with Less Annoying CRM.

Now that your iPhone calendar and Google calendar are syncing, you can set up the sync with LACRM via the Integrations page. Click on 'Set up calendar sync' underneath the "Google" section.

Google Calendar sync setup

Setting up the Google Calendar sync

  1. Go to your Integrations page under Settings.
  2. Select “Set up calendar syncing” in the "Google" section.
  3. Select the button "Click here to authorize the sync with Google."
  4. Please read the entirety of the dialogue that appears. It contains important information regarding sync setup.
  5. You’ll be taken to a page that will ask for your Google authentication. Enter the login information for your Google account or select it from the list if it shows up.
  6. Select "Allow" to let LACRM access your Google account.
  7. If you have multiple calendars in Google and LACRM, you'll next need to match up the appropriate calendars for syncing. If you have only one calendar in LACRM and Google, they'll automatically be matched. (See screenshot below.)
  8. Select "Finalize the sync with Google."
  9. The initial sync may take a few minutes, but once that is completed you should see events from your iPhone in the CRM.

Step 3: Make sure that the default calendar in your iPhone is your Google calendar.

If you intend to enter events in your iPhone going forward, you will need to be sure those events are entered in the Google calendar on your iPhone, so that they sync with the CRM. To make this easier you can set Google calendar as the default calendar in your iPhone.

Setting the default calendar on your iPhone

  1. Select Settings on your iPhone.
  2. Select the section “Calendar.”
  3. Select the "Default Calendar" section.
  4. Choose your primary Google calendar. This may be labelled as the primary calendar or may list your Gmail address.

And you’re done!

You have now successfully synced your iPhone calendar with the CRM through Google Calendar. If you enter an event in the CRM or on your iPhone it will pass over to the other system.

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