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Create repeat customers with small follow-ups

This article was included in the April 19th, 2016 issue of the LACRM Newsletter.

Alejandro has previously told us about how he makes every meeting count, as well as how he uses customer feedback to boost his sales. Today he has a small piece of advice that has had a huge impact:

“In our weekly sales meetings, we review our past successes and wins. We run through all the calls we made and talk about what we can learn from the successful sales. More importantly, we discuss which customers and business partners we would like to thank by sending gifts to.

These gifts are small, but have helped us maintain strong relationships, deepen new relationships, and allowed us to give our customers and partners a tangible representation of our appreciation!”

-Alejandro Escalante, Owner of Alphagraphics Sunnyvale

How can a CRM help?

Wins and losses are easily tracked through pipelines in the CRM. Every sale comes with a full history of status updates and notes that let you and your sales reps track everything that went right or wrong with each one. Alejandro also uses his pipeline reports to pull up a list of customers in the past year and all the notes attached to them, taking the guesswork out of figuring out who to thank, and how to thank them!

Tip to try: It’s easy to send a thank you note, but just a little easier to forget when to do it. That’s why customer appreciation tasks can come in pretty handy. Create a task for yourself to help keep track of who you should send a quick note or gift to and let your customers know you appreciate their business! (If you work with a sales team, you can even create a pipeline for customer appreciation). Click here for a quick tutorial on how to use tasks for customer appreciation opportunities.

Whether you decide to go with a quick email or a small gift, a strong relationship with a customer will keep them coming back for more, so why not start creating some repeat customers now? If you have any questions about how you can use the CRM to thank your customers, just contact us and we’ll be happy to answer your questions or set up a phone call!

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