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Using customer appreciation opportunities to expand your sales

Customer appreciation is a great way to get your foot back in the door and make more sales to the customers you already have. Sending a thank you note or gift is an easy way to stay in touch, and tasks are the perfect tool to remind you when to reach out!

There are a few different places in the CRM where you can create a task; on the Workspace, on the Calendar, or directly on a contact record. The contact record is a particularly nice location to add a task, since you should already be on the contact to save a note or update a sale.

Learn how to add tasks from anywhere in the CRM here.

If you’d like to make sure you get the chance to follow up, you can even set two tasks. One task to send out a thank you note or appreciation gift, and one a week or so later to check in and make sure they received it. Sending a note, and checking back in about the note, lets you get your foot back in the door so you can make more sales to the customers who already love you!

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