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Make every sales meeting count!

This article was included in the January 4th, 2016 issue of the LACRM Newsletter.

We know that working at a small business requires you to think on your feet and constantly find creative solutions to unique problems. Which is why we knew that the best tips would come from none other than our users themselves! We’ll share some great advice and ideas from different users on a whole host of topics. Anything from keeping up with your sales leads to managing your team, and just about everything in between.

To get started, we spoke with Alejandro Escalante, Owner of Alphagraphics Sunnyvale, on how he has productive sales meetings, and here is what he had to say:

“I have a one-on-one meeting with each of my sales reps every week. This helps them stay focused, and it lets me stay on top of what’s going on at the business. In these meetings, we go over all of their wins and losses from the previous week. Then we go through each of their current leads to discuss ideas and strategies. Sometimes I’m able to open a door for them to help them win a sale, so these meetings can be very valuable.”

-Alejandro Escalante, Owner of Alphagraphics Sunnyvale

How can a CRM help?

Alejandro’s sales reps all enter updates about their customers into Less Annoying CRM which makes it easy to stay organized during these one-on-ones. Alejandro can pull up the activity report to see all of the updates a specific rep entered over the course of the week, and he can pull up the lead report to see all of the leads currently in the pipeline. This helps Alejandro spend less time on busywork, and more time actually helping his sales reps succeed.

Tip to try: If you have employees working for you, print out their lead report before each one-on-one meeting, and spend 10 minutes going down the list and asking them what you can do to help. If you’re a sales rep yourself, try printing this report and bringing it to your manager the next time you two meet. It’s a great way to keep everyone informed about what’s going on, and it makes sure that everyone is on the same page! Click here for a quick tutorial on how you can make the best use of your lead and activity reports.

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