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How to pull sales reports for meetings

If you’re a manager or owner the Lead report can be a great way to track sales and compare sales over time. The Lead report shows you the sales funnel so that you can view current prospects, and there are different filters you can apply to view successful and unsuccessful sales. You can use this report to discuss active leads with your sales reps to see if there is anything you can do to help, as well as review what went right or wrong in each individual sale.

Please note: the term “Lead” is customizable. Lead is the name of a specific pipeline, and your account may show other options in the navigation bar, including “Pipelines.”

You can access the Lead report by mousing over “Reports” in the navigation bar and selecting “Leads.” There are a number of different filters that you can apply to find exactly the information you’re looking for, all of which are located on the left in the “Sort and filter” section.

  • Filter by status - this filter allows you to choose only specific steps within the sales funnel. Select “All closed statuses” to view both successful and unsuccessful statuses for review with a sales rep. For a weekly meeting, you can instead choose “All statuses” to review the sales funnel and completed sales for the week.
  • Assigned user - this filter allows you to view activity for a single sales rep to track what each individual is working on. If your sales team works together you can also select multiple users to view the entire team’s funnel.
  • Add a filter - this filter allows you to view the sales funnel based on other specific criteria. To see only activity from the past week for review in a meeting, select “Date Lead was last updated” “is between" “December 1” and “December 8.” You can also review activity each day for new sales reps, or use monthly reports for team meetings.

Selecting multiple filters will apply each filter on top of the other to narrow down the sales funnel information even further. Once you have exactly the list you’d like you can print out the Lead Report and use it during meetings with sales reps. You can walk through the list of names together to see where things stand with each prospect and find out if you can open any doors or assist your sales reps in any way to encourage a sale. You can also export the pipeline report to Excel and perform calculations there to determine the total value of the sales funnel, or anything else you’d like to know.

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