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How do I cancel my account?

If you’d like to cancel your account, simply mouse over “Settings” and select “Close account.”

Close account settings

On the next page, you can use the button at the bottom of the page to close your account, effective immediately. (We highly recommend exporting your data before canceling your account).

Note: only the account owner can close the account. If you don’t see an option to close the account on the Settings page, you’ll need to reach out to your account owner directly.

If you’d prefer to cancel your account at the end of the current paid period, you can instead go to your Billing p​age and remove any billing information you listed there. When your next payment is due and the billing fails, your account will move to an archived state. You can always come back later if you change your mind (and we hope you do!).

When you cancel your account, we will keep your information exactly as it is (without accessing it) for one year. If you come back within one year we can restore your account and everything will be just as you left it. If you know you intend to come back in the future, but aren't sure when, it can't hurt to contact us and let us know. That way, we can make sure to have everything dusted off and ready to go when you return.

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