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Bulk editing contact fields

We’re in the process of rolling out this functionality to all of our customers now. If you don’t see this functionality and would like it, contact us.

Learn how to edit contacts to update saved field values in bulk.

Important details to understand before editing:
  • Bulk editing is extremely difficult, and in some cases impossible, to undo.
  • Bulk editing contacts will update existing values to the exact same entered value for all selected contacts. Make absolutely certain you’ve made the appropriate selections before confirming any bulk editing.
  • If you edit a field with multiple entries, all entries will be deleted and replaced with the updated value. For example, if you have a contact with two emails, and include that contact in a bulk edit of the email field, the contact will have only the updated value after the edits are saved (the second email will be deleted).
  • If you edit one portion of the address, all of the other address entries will be deleted. For example, if you edit the address field to update only the state, the rest of the address (street address, city, state, zip code, and country) will be deleted.
  • If you edit a checkbox list, only the newly selected options will be saved. The originally selected options will be removed, and only the new selections from the bulk update will be saved.
  • If you have additional questions, or are in any way unsure, please contact us before making any bulk edits.
Here’s how to edit contacts to update fields in bulk:
  • Please be sure that you understand the points above completely before proceeding. Undoing bulk updates is extremely difficult and sometimes impossible.
  • Go to the main Contact list by selecting "Contacts" in the navigation bar on the left.
  • If necessary, filter your contact list by any desired criteria to pull up just the appropriate records.
  • Tick the "Select all" box above the first contact and select all of the records. Or, tick just the box to the left of the desired records.
  • Select “Perform bulk action on [number] records” at the bottom of the screen. In the dialog that opens, select “Edit field value.”
  • Choose the desired record type, and then select the appropriate field. Enter the new value in the field that appears.
  • If applicable, select “Add another field to edit” to update another field at the same time. Select the record type, field, and enter the new value. If necessary, repeat this step to select all desired fields for update.
  • Make absolutely certain you’ve made the appropriate selections before proceeding. If you’re unsure of any selections, please contact us before confirming the changes.
  • Once you’ve confirmed the desired selections, click on the button “Continue.” Then select “Save edits” to confirm the field updates.
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