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Have you ever had a small business question a little too broad for Google, but a little too specific for just anyone without the expertise to answer? I often do. Networking groups are powerful but time-consuming, industry Facebook groups are useful but give you too much irrelevant advice to sift through, and business articles are abundant but often focused on much larger companies.

That's why we're starting a Small Business Community Tips newsletter. Our Small Business Community Tips newsletter was created to allow small business owners and employees to ask questions, answer questions, and get answers from other community members. Each newsletter will consist of answers to your questions provided by other small business community members, curated to give you the top takeaways.

At the same time, as a small business expert yourself, we source answers from you. This is your way of sharing your story, your company, and connect with other like-minded individuals across industries.

What we want to create with this newsletter is a critically thoughtful, collaborative community to help the small business network move forward together. This newsletter is starting at a time where the economy is still reeling from a pandemic, and small businesses like ours are impacted most greatly. Let's learn and grow together, and come out even stronger.  

What can you expect?

Direct quotes from other small business owners.

A lot of small business advice you find on the internet is often paraphrased. But whenever we share a piece of advice, the way we express our advice is just as important as the advice we're giving. Our community of small business owners and employees (including you!) answer weekly questions. In every newsletter, I share the exact quotes from your peers with everyone else so you can tell your story, your own way.

Key takeaways for every question.

One problem when you pose a question to a crowd: you get lots of answers. But the last thing you have time for is to just sit and read through everyone's thoughts. In our newsletter, I'll curate and bring up the most agreed-upon, the most creative, the most novel answers to your questions. Even if you're short on time, a skim through the email will give you most relevant answers you're looking for.

Opportunities for you to share your perspective.

You are the expert here. Community members share their best stories, their favorite tips, and sometimes, things that just didn't work with them. This is a way for you to reach a group of like-minded small business leaders to share your opinion. So come join in! I'll include your name and company with your advice, so that community members can reach out to you (or you can reach out to them) if there's a relationship to be built there.  

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