Google Drive Overview

Google Drive is a tool for creation and collaboration.
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From simple documents, to complicated tables, to beautiful presentations, Google Drive allows you to make what you need, how you want it.

Google Drive is Google's cloud-based solution to creating and sharing nearly any sort of file. Think Microsoft Office, but everything is done inside a browser, and anything you make can be shared with anybody in the world. Additionally, other users can collaborate on files with you, so everyone can create a document together!

Here's a quick outline of each feature in Google Drive:


Google Docs

Google Docs is a word processor program, very similar to Microsoft Word. You can use it to create nearly any type of written document, from your business's leasing agreement to that novel you're working on in your free time. Since all of it's documents are easily shared, you can quickly send a draft to your boss for revision, or each person can contribute to a part of a project. The possibilities are endless!


Google Sheets

Google Sheets is a spreadsheet program, analogous to  Microsoft Excel. Since it simply provides spreadsheets for you to fill out, it is incredibly versatile. From creating a list of contacts to import into your CRM, to keeping track of your finances, to doing a mail merge, Google Sheets allows you to organize an view information. The collaborative nature of Google Drive also could allow you to keep track of scheduling or planning events with your co-workers!


Google Slides

Google Slides is an application to make presentations. Somewhat similar to Microsoft Powerpoint, Slides allows you to make different "slides" (hence the name), putting text, images, and other media onto them. You can also add transitions between your slides to make them look nice and fancy for your meeting with the bigwigs. Collaboration tools make it easy to let each person fix up their section of the document


Google Forms

Google Forms makes web forms easy, maybe even fun. With a simple and intuitive set of tools, Forms makes getting info easy, and makes analyzing that info even easier. The possibilities are endless.

Be sure to check out our tutorial on Google Forms to learn how to create awesome forms with this app!


Google Drawings

Google Drawings is a cloud-based tool for creating drawings. Similar to Microsoft Paint (but way more functional), use this program to make images and graphics for any use you can imagine. As a part of Google Drive, your drawings can be easily integrated into a Google Docs or Google Slides file, to showcase your drawings.

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