Use ContactLink to collect leads from your website and add them to LACRM

ContactLink is a new LACRM integration that lets you collect lead information and schedule meetings from your website and automatically add them to your CRM!
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Guest post by Jesse Hercules, founder of ContactLink.

ContactLink is an all-in-one tool for new clients to contact or book meetings with you.  From a widget on your website, they can get on your calendar, send you a text message, send you an email, or ask you to call them. With our integration, ContactLink will put new contacts and calendar events into Less Annoying CRM!

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How you can use ContactLink:

Add ContactLink to your website as a chat bubble or scheduling window. Give out your ContactLink instead of a regular calendar link.  Put a QR code link on your business cards and yard signs.  ContactLink is great for conferences and events too – people can scan your link and exchange contact info easily.

ContactLink puts new meetings into your Less Annoying Calendar, as well as your Gmail or Outlook. So you can give out a calendar link that works perfectly with LACRM!  ContactLink will put new contacts directly into Less Annoying CRM also, and attach a pipeline to them.  

Designed for Small Business:

ContactLink shows new leads who they’re contacting – it’s you, not some big faceless company. ContactLink gives prospects what they really want – your real contact info, a chance to book your calendar, and confirmation that you got their message.  

When new contacts ask for a phone call, ContactLink sends you a text message.  You have the info you need to call back quickly, but you don’t have to worry about the phone ringing.  If they send you a text message, ContactLink sends you the text so you can reply right from your phone.

ContactLink includes a free App so you can see your conversations live, on the go.  Pro members can call and text directly from the App – keeping you connected and organized until you get back to your desk.

ContactLink includes video meetings, and even lets you video call customers.  ContactLink meetings include all your previous messages with the client, so you’re always organized during the meeting.  Even better - you never have to ask the client to find an email or an attachment you sent them.  

Setting up the integration

Integrating ContactLink with LACRM is easy.  Simply add your LACRM API token to your ContactLink Pro account and you’re ready to go!  ContactLink also offers onboarding sessions to help you set up your link and get the most out of it – book your session here.

ContactLink’s Pricing

It’s free to create your ContactLink and start using it as an individual.  The Pro version of ContactLink allows you to connect to Less Annoying CRM (and other integrations), connect to your Outlook or Gmail calendar, share leads and messages with teammates, and route leads on a round-robin basis.

ContactLink Pro is $29 per user per month, for full access.  If you have teammates who only need to answer calls and messages (such as a virtual assistant or someone covering your calls), they can use a Team plan at only $5 per month.  

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