Less Annoying CRM ranked best CRM of 2022 by U.S. News and World Report

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U.S. News & World Report released their official rankings for the Best CRM of 2022 earlier last week, and Less Annoying CRM is thrilled and proud to be ranked #1 on this list for the 🌟 third 🌟year in a row.

✨To celebrate this, I'd like to pull back the curtain and share a little about how things come to be at LACRM.

At LACRM, our North Star has always been and will always be our users. Every feature we decide to build begins first with answering the only two questions we care to answer, which are:

  1. How does this solve an existing problem for a user (or soon-to-be user)?
  2. How would this improve a user's day-to-day work?

This often means we don't always build what other CRM companies are building, and definitely means we don't just build what we want to build.

It means that every single one of the features we release has gone through a rigorous debate among our team -- our CRM Coaches share the problems they see our users face, our developers share what is possible with our current product, our team managers collaborate to figure out where it fits with our product roadmap, and we all agree on how to prioritize building this feature.

Before anyone (including our CEO!) can consider pitching a new feature idea to the team, we need to come prepared to discuss how this feature would actually answer both of the questions above.

For a company much larger than us, this is a pretty impossible process -- there's no way to get an entire company to make a decision together.

For the Less Annoying team, this is simply how we make sure our users (new, experienced, and prospective) stay at the center of all our product decisions.

We'd like to think that even though this slower process means we're not the flashiest CRM out there with the longest list of features, it means that we're building the best CRM for the users we serve.

And so...

While we're humbled by this award, we're even more humbled by our users whose kindness, patience, understanding, and enthusiasm never cease to surprise us.

Your thoughtful feedback is how we keep growing and improving, and though we're excited to have had a summer packed full of feature releases, your support means we have so many more new features and designs coming up.

From the entire LACRM team to you, our users: thank you for growing with us. 🥂

Read U.S. News & World Report's review of Less Annoying CRM here.

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