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Automatically trigger emails based on where someone is in your Less Annoying CRM pipeline
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Emails are one of the most reliable ways to start a personal connection with your contacts. However, as your contact list grows, it becomes harder to send out personalized emails and follow-ups to all of your old and new clients.

Enter: Blitz Sender!

Blitz Sender is a automated email tool built specifically to work with Less Annoying CRM, and how it works is simple: 

  1. Create email templates in Blitz Sender.
  2. Link an email template to a specific LACRM pipeline and status, and choose what "Next Status" that contact should be moved to once that email is sent.
  3. Now every time you attach a pipeline to a contact/company and put them into a linked status, Blitz Sender will automatically send them your email template!

Customize and store your email templates in in Blitz Sender

In addition to its seamless connection with your LACRM account, another powerful feature of Blitz Sender is its incredibly simple email template builder:

Blitz Sender's email template builder lets you dynamically add information from your contact and pipeline fields.

You can create as many of these email templates as you need depending on the types of email follow-ups you like to send!

Some ways to use Blitz Sender with Less Annoying CRM

☑️ Manage a structured follow-up sequence for each contact

Let's say for all your new leads, you have 2 emails that you'd like to send to your contacts, and whether or not someone should receive both emails depends on whether they've replied to your emails. For example, some folks may respond to your first follow-up immediately and so it wouldn't make sense to continue sending them the second follow-up. A lot of email tools make this tricky if you set up an automated drip campaign. With Blitz Sender, it's simple: just move someone further up your pipeline, and skip the next pipeline status that would have triggered automatic emails!

In this example below, my Blitz Sender-connected pipeline is designed to help me send automatic follow ups to a new lead whenever I move them to a follow-up status:

  1. Prospect
  2. Send first follow up (linked to Blitz Sender)
  3. First follow up sent
  4. Send second follow up (linked to Blitz Sender)
  5. Second follow up sent
  6. Draft proposal
  7. Proposal accepted
  8. Sale won
  9. Sale lost

☑️ Send automated thank you emails

Maybe someone's just placed an order, or maybe you'd like to add a special thank you after you meet someone in person. Blitz Sender means that you can automate this "thank you" email process just by putting someone in your pipeline.

In this example below, my Blitz Sender-connected pipeline is designed to help me automatically send out a "thank you" email once I've attended a meeting with my contact:

  1. Initial contact made
  2. Consultation meeting scheduled
  3. Meeting completed (linked to Blitz Sender)
  4. Documents collected
  5. Current client

☑️ Manually onboard a new or existing client

When working with a new client it often makes sense to touch base with them frequently to make sure that you are meeting their needs, especially if your industry has a long sales cycle, or if you're contracted with a client for a long period of time. Integrating with Blitz Sender allows you to map out an onboarding email flow, and then automatically trigger emails to a contact depending on the kind of follow up they need.

In this example below, my Blitz Sender-connected pipeline is designed to help me send out automated emails to my new clients depending on what I need from them:

  1. New client signed up
  2. Needs to send us financial docs (linked to Blitz Sender)
  3. Needs to schedule monthly meeting (linked to Blitz Sender)
  4. Needs to fill out internal profile (linked to Blitz Sender)
  5. 6 month follow up (linked to Blitz Sender)
  6. Client fully onboarded

Blitz Sender vs. other email marketing tools

Unlike other conventional email marketing tools, Blitz Sender is designed to work with your Less Annoying CRM pipeline. It will not send out email blasts (e.g. newsletters or announcements), nor does it allow you to upload contacts into it. Instead, it relies exclusively on the contact information you already have in your CRM account, as well as your pipeline structure.

Blitz Sender is different from other email marketing tools because it's designed to automate personalized, individual emails to your Less Annoying CRM contacts. You're sending one email to one contact automatically based on what status they are in in your pipeline. So if you're using email marketing tools for email blasts to multiple contacts, Blitz Sender will not replace that.

But if you have been manually sending out the same individual emails to your contacts, Blitz Sender will be the perfect integration to automate your day-to-day follow ups.

Check out Blitz Sender, and their pricing information here.

See integration instructions here.

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