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We’re a small team dedicated to one simple goal: help small businesses succeed!
Less Annoying CRM was started by two brothers in 2009. Our mission is simple: help small businesses succeed. To do this, we've created a new breed of CRM software. We focus on giving our customers what they really need, and nothing they don't. That means no annoying buzzwords, no confusing pricing plans, no long-term contracts, and none of those other things that we all know are annoying.

A company is only as good as the people who work there, so let's get to know the Less Annoying Team...

I'm Tyler King, CEO of Less Annoying CRM, and this is my promise to you

Nothing is more critical than your business' contact information, but with so many CRM options on the market, it's not always clear who you can trust. Many companies are quick to tout how much they value their customers, only to turn around and treat their users as resources from which to extract as much money as possible.

You deserve better.

You deserve not just a subscription, but a partnership. You deserve personal promises from human beings instead of empty words from faceless corporations. You deserve a direct line to the people who store your crucial data, and transparent, honest answers to your questions and concerns. You deserve accountability.

The following are my promises to you, the users of Less Annoying CRM, the lifeblood of our company. I'm publishing them here so that you (and everyone else) will know exactly what can be expected from my company. If ever I don't stay true to these promises, I expect and hope to be held accountable by our customers.
  1. Our customers are actually our #1 priority
    Trite? Maybe. But at Less Annoying CRM, we actually mean it. Our name itself sets a clear standard about our philosophy regarding our customers. Simply put, we do everything we can to avoid being annoying. No spam, no upsells, free support for life, and -- most importantly -- nothing trumps the importance of the user experience. I promise every decision we make has that singular goal in mind.
  2. We're in this for the long haul
    It's harder than ever to trust software businesses these days. They flitter in and out of existence seemingly overnight, collapsing financially or being acquired by larger companies. I'm disappointed by this trend, which is why my brother and I funded Less Annoying CRM entirely by ourselves. That means no investor pressure to make short-sighted decisions in a desperate grab for profits. The company is profitable and growing steadily and as our resources allow. I promise that Less Annoying CRM is financially secure, and that we will never take careless risks to jeopardize that security. We plan on running this company for many years, not just until we are approached by a larger company with a fat checkbook.
  3. Your data belongs to you
    In an increasingly "social" world, it is often hard to be sure what happens to your data after you enter it into a software system. With Less Annoying CRM, the answer is, and will always be: nothing. We will never sell or share your data with anyone, nor access it ourselves unless you ask for our help with your account or we are compelled by law. You can export your data to a spreadsheet as often as you'd like, because it's your data. I promise that our company will always respect the privacy of your data, and your ownership of all of your own information. (Check out our Terms of Service for the nitty-gritty stuff.)
  4. The CRM's price is $10.00/user/month, period
    You'd be amazed how many people I talk to that tell me that we should be raising our prices. Their logic is, if we could make more money charging twice as much, why don't we? The answer is that we aren't simply trying to bleed as much money as we can from our users, we're trying to be a tool that helps small businesses succeed. That's why we picked a price that allows us to be a successful company, but also to put as little stress as possible on our customers' wallets. Someday we plan to build more products than just the CRM, but I promise that we plan to offer the CRM for $10.00/user/month indefinitely.
  5. We're serious about being Less Annoying
    There are tons of commonplace underhanded tactics that we could use to try to get more money from our users. We could make it hard to cancel your account. We could ask for a credit card up-front and hope you forget to cancel when your trial ends. We could try to spam all your friends on social networks. We don't do any of these things because we hate when other companies do them to us. I promise we'll never do anything that we think will annoy our users.
I am fully aware that these promises are just words on a web page, and that words are empty without actions. I invite you to try our product, and if you feel we aren't living up to these promises, to hold us accountable. Call us out. Tell us what we're doing wrong. And tell everyone else that we're not to be trusted.

If you still have concerns, or if you'd just like to chat and get to know me, don't hesitate to get in touch. You can email me at tyler@lessannoyingcrm.com. You can call me at (314) 222-7644. You can tweet at me at @TylerMKing. Go ahead and put us to the test. I think you'll be pleasantly surprised.

- Tyler King (CEO of Less Annoying CRM)
Tyler King
Co-founder & CEO
Tyler's background is in product design and software development. When he's not obsessing over improving the product, he's working with the rest of the team to make sure that Less Annoying CRM truly lives up to its name. He majored in computer science at Washington University in St. Louis.
(314) 222-7644
Bracken King
Bracken specializes in software infrastructure and security. He's in charge of making sure that Less Annoying CRM is running smoothly, and that your data is safe and secure. He received a PhD from M.I.T. and attended Washington University in St. Louis for his undergrad studies.
Michael Wuellner
Head of Customer Service
Michael is responsible for making sure that you have the best experience possible any time you interact with us. He leads our team of CRM coaches and maintains our best-in-class level of service. Michael majored in English at Washington University in St. Louis.
(314) 200-0333
Mitch Eagles
Software Developer
Mitch started out on the CRM Coaching team in 2013, before moving over to the development team. Mitch studied physics and math at Washington University, and is a proud member of the St. Louis artistic community.
(314) 222-0994
Emily Schwab
CRM Coach
In addition to helping out our customers, Emily manages our help site and other website content. She majored in English at Washington University in St. Louis where she was a proud member of the crew team.
(314) 222-2750
Alex Haimann
Business Development
Alex is the resident business guy. He makes sure that LACRM continues to grow by engaging with our customers and finding new opportunities for mutually beneficial partnerships. He received an MBA from Washington University in St. Louis, and a B.A. from George Washington University.
(314) 266-1666
Robert Landis
Software Developer
As a member of the development team, Robert is excited to be working on new features and improvements to the CRM. When he's not programming, Robert is developing internal processes and documentation to improve the company's day-to-day operations. Robert graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in theatre and human resources management.
(314) 222-2760
Eunice Koo
CRM Coach
Eunice likes people, which is why she joined LACRM. Even though she graduated with degrees in Political Science and Anthropology from Washington University in St. Louis, she realized much too late that being involved in politics did not quite align with her passions. So she packed her bags, moved a few streets down, and now finds herself happily spending her time helping out our customers.
(314) 499-0959
Julia Zasso
Through customer service and content creation, Julia aims to give LACRM users the best experience possible. She recently graduated with a double major in English and French from Washington University in St. Louis and previously earned a business minor from Villanova University. In addition to improving customer experience, she is interested in marketing and blogging.
(314) 282-2211
Katy Keating
CRM Coach
Katy chose to work for LACRM because she likes helping people. When she's not helping customers, she works on a mixture of marketing and customer outreach projects. Katy graduated from Saint Louis University with a degree in theatre.
(314) 222-0977
Jesse Yang
CRM Coach
As a CRM Coach, Jesse enjoys working with users to help people find solutions. She spends her spare time in AdWords to help spread the word about LACRM. Jesse received her degrees in marketing and gender/sexuality studies from Washington University in St. Louis.
(314) 888-5341
Gabe Taylor
CRM Coach
Gabe joined LACRM to be a part of a great, responsive team who value user experience and customer service. When not talking to customers, Gabe is working on design, and company morale. He studied theatre education at Southern Illinois University Edwardsville.
(314) 266-6739
Nic Pedretti
Software Developer
Nic graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in computer engineering. He is a passionate coder and plays guitar in his spare time.
Maggie Conroy
CRM Coach
Maggie loves meeting and helping people, which is why she became a CRM Coach. When she’s not helping customers, she's making the tutorial videos for LACRM. Maggie is also a theater maker and performer is St. Louis.
(314) 222-0574
Reno DuBois
Software Developer
Reno joined LACRM to be a part of a team that loves its product and customers. When he's not working on designing new features for the CRM, he is likely playing video games, or climbing at a local rock gym. Reno graduated with a BS in Computer Science from Missouri University of Science and Technology.
Katelyn Taira
CRM Coach
Katelyn became a CRM Coach because she loves connecting with people and finding creative solutions. She recently graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a double major in English and Psychological & Brain Sciences. When Katelyn is not helping customers or working on design, she is reading poetry or playing soccer.
(314) 222-2852
Kelly Jung
CRM Coach
Kelly graduated from Washington University in St. Louis with a degree in psychology. Before, joining full-time, she participated in LACRM’s Coding Fellowship. As a CRM Coach, Kelly enjoys helping customers find solutions and being a part of a collaborative and passionate team.
(314) 207-9608

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