Pricing changes for new customers effective July 22nd, 2020

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Less Annoying CRM has never raised prices in our almost 11 year history. Our product has always cost $10/user/month, but we can’t stay at that price forever.

What you need to know

  • There will be no changes for any existing customers. We’ve made a commitment to you, and we’re keeping that commitment.
  • New pricing: For any customer who signs up on or after July 22nd, 2020, LACRM will cost $15/user/month (or £14/user/month if you prefer to pay in British Pounds).
  • Our pricing is still “less annoying”. As always, our base price includes free phone and email support, free upgrades for life, and no up-sells. Unlike other CRMs, we do not require an annual commitment and you can cancel at any time.
  • Even at $15/user/month, we’re still among the very cheapest CRMs on the market.
  • If you’ve been considering using LACRM but haven’t pulled the trigger yet, you might want to start a free trial before July 22nd so that you can lock in the lower price.

Frequently asked questions

I’m an existing user. What does this change mean for me?

Nothing! You’ll keep paying the same price as always, so this won’t impact you in any way. This isn’t one of those “you get a temporary reprieve and then we’ll jack up your prices in a year” type of things. You keep paying $10/user/month indefinitely.

What if I add new users to my account after July 22nd?

If you’re currently paying $10/user/month, that will apply to all future users on your account. As long as you have your account created before July 22nd, 2020, you’ll only pay $10/user/month indefinitely even for users added after the price increase.

What if my account lapses and then I want to reactivate it?

Our standard policy is that if your account lapses (either because you cancel it or because you have an unpaid invoice) you have up to a year to reactivate it before we permanently close it and delete all the data. When you reactivate an account, we’ll honor whatever the original pricing was. So as long as you still have the ability to access an account that was created before 7/22/2020, you’ll keep the old $10/user/month pricing.

If you let your account lapse for more than a year, you’ll need to sign up for a brand new account, so the pricing for that will be $15/user/month.

What if I start a free trial before July 22nd but I don’t pay until later?

No problem! As long as your account exists before July 22nd, 2020, you’ll be locked into our old pricing indefinitely. That applies even if you’re still on your free trial and haven’t paid yet.

What if I want to start a brand new account?

All new accounts started on or after July 22nd will have the new pricing, even if you’ve previously been a customer on a different account. But if you really just want to clear out your existing account and start from scratch, let us know and we can help with that. That way, you won’t need to create a new account, so you can keep the old pricing.

Why are you doing this?

Good question! We take our commitment to customers very seriously which is why we’re indefinitely honoring our original price for existing customers. But pricing does need to be tweaked over time for a variety of reasons. Here’s a detailed description of why and how we decided to change our prices.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, don’t hesitate to  reach out!

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