How can I categorize and organize my tasks and follow ups?

Written by Julia Zasso

With Less Annoying CRM’s new calendar, you can use color-coded subcalendars to organize your tasks. By using subcalendars, you can categorize your tasks, hide or share certain task types, and organize your follow ups in the way that works best for you.

If you need help understanding and creating subcalendars, here’s a help article that covers the basics of how subcalendars work. In this post, we’ll do a deep dive into ways that you can use subcalendars to organize your tasks and follow ups specifically.

Subcalendar ideas for tasks


High, Medium, and Low PriorityIf you want to organize your tasks by priority, you can have three subcalendars for low, medium, and high priority. When you create or edit your tasks, you can add them to a specific subcalendar to organize your tasks. You can also toggle your calendar view in LACRM to concentrate specifically on a certain task priority.

Morning, Afternoon, and Evening Follow Ups

Morning, afternoon, eveningIf you make follow up calls at different times of the day, you may want to have subcalendars for morning, afternoon, and evening follow ups. This way, you can tag each follow up based on the time of day you plan on making the call (or sending an email). You can also toggle your calendar view in LACRM to concentrate on a specific time slot; when it’s time for afternoon calls, you may want to view just your afternoon follow up tasks, for example.

Time Zone

EST, CST, MST, and PSTIf you’re calling contacts all over the country (or the world), you may want to organize your follow ups by time zone. You can have subcalendars for the time zones you frequently ring, so that you can tag your follow ups based on the location of the contact you’re ringing. If you’re on the East Coast, for example, you can bring up your EST follow ups first, and then move onto CST, MST, and PST as your day progresses.

Task Type

Admin, recruiting, and marketing tasks, etcOf course, you can categorize your tasks by type as well. You may want a subcalendar for admin tasks (this can be private, if you don’t need to notify your team when tasks are pending or complete) or tasks related to specific projects. You can use your subcalendars to categorize and organize your tasks in a way that works best for you.

Need help? There are a million and ten ways you can use subcalendars, and LACRM’s customer support team can help you find the best setup for you. Feel free to contact us with ideas or questions! 

Posted on Feb 14, 2018
Filed under CRM Articles, CRM Tips and Tutorials
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